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im·bue™ - em·body 25mg premium CBD peppermint lip balm - 1/2 ounce tin

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Carefully crafted from organically grown Colorado hemp CBD and other organic, natural ingredients, our cool peppermint new lip balm is packed with powerful CBD and other essential oils.

Our lip balms contain higher concentrations of CBD and help naturally restore, relieve and protect even the driest chapped lips. Perfect for skiers, outdoor enthusiasts or just folks who find traditional lip balms fall short in providing the relief they need.

Conveniently packaged in easy-to-carry tins, they fit perfectly in a pants pocket or purse. And the intense natural flavor make them a joy to use.

INGREDIENTS: Grape seed oil, beeswax, hemp derived premium CBD oil extract, natural flavorings


"I’ve been hoarding Girl Scouts Thin Mints lately (they’re especially good if you freeze them)—the chocolate is fine, but the peppermint oil is what makes them addicting enough to go through a whole sleeve without getting sick of them. I’m also trying to cut down on sugar, though, and while it would be a huge stretch to say that this peppermint oil-infused clear lip balm is a direct replacement for Girl Scout cookies, it really does have a very satisfying full-mouth taste of peppermint. The CBD oil, which soothes and facilitates healing at the same time, makes this formula an ideal balm for outdoor enthusiasts and or just those who are prone to painfully chapped lips. For those of us with long-hair-don’t-care, it’s not sticky—as a matter of fact, the formula is on the stiff side and won’t cause your hair to stick to your face, a welcome departure from many balms."

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3 Reviews

Carrie DeSalvo Mar 12th 2018

Lip Balm

Great product. Most lip balms feel like they just stay on the surface. I feel not just relief but healing from this product.

Kimberly S Belles Dec 5th 2017

lip balm

This product is amazing! I am a lip biter and this helps deter that bad habit. The only thing that would make product better is if it came in a tube form.

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