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im·bue™ health - 40mg tincture of hemp - 1 fl oz

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Our easy-to-use, pleasant tasting 30ml liquid is thoughtfully packaged within a cloth pouch and recyclable outer box. Designed for optimum low dose, this product is ideal for most applications.


INGREDIENTS: Organically grown CBD Oil derived from Colorado grown hemp and organic vegetable glycerin.

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3 Reviews

Mickie Witter Aug 5th 2017

Health Tincture

I got this for my aged Maltese dog Mo. He's 13 and going down rather quickly. This product has given him easier days. None of the meds prescribed for him has helped like this has. He keeps food down better and can sleep a bit easier. His time is short and this tincture is helping his last days to be a little more enjoyable I think. Thank you so much.

Marissa Jan 11th 2017

Health tincture

I absolutely love this product. I suffer from migraines accompanied with seizures and was looking for a natural way to help with symptoms, rather than being a walking pharmacy. A few drops of the tincture and a wave of calmness and relief comes over my body but I still have all my wits about stoned feeling, no narcotic hangover. Thank you imbue botanicals for helping me find relief and being much more friendly with my wallet then the $698 of scripts for pain killers my Dr wanted me on

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