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im·bue™ health10 - 10mg premium CBD capsules - 30 count

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For those wishing more sustained concentration, we offer our im·bue product in convenient capsule form. Our vegan capsules are colored with natural chlorophyll and contain the same Full Spectrum formulation, just in higher concentration. Follow package instructions for use. 30 capsules per bottle.

INGREDIENTS: Premium Colorado grown CBD Oil infused into organic hemp seed oil. 



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4 Reviews

Lucinda Reid Aug 31st 2017

No short-term relief

I was hoping a few day trial would give me a sense of whether this product (10mg) would help with chronic and an acute pain situation, but I honestly couldn't tell. I've sought medical help and am not going to take any more CBD until after treatment, so not to confuse things. Not the immediate miracle I needed, but I was open to the concept. - IMBUE RESPONSE - Yes, unfortunately CBD is rarely an “immediate miracle”, and generally does take time to achieve the desired results. In addition, effects of CBD tend to cumulative, meaning it increases in effectiveness the longer one uses it. We do recommend that customers use the product(s) for a couple weeks at least to get the real sense of what CBD might do for them. That being said, some customers do report an almost immediate effect with issues such as sleep, but in general, time is required. In addition, many customers who have not found the needed relief from the 10mg capsules have found the stronger 25mg has provided the relief they were looking for.

David Jun 25th 2017


These are absolutely wonderful! I have multiple health issues that CBD aids on a daily basis, but the 5mg* capsules I was used to were not cutting it, Also, they were made with powdered cellulose and weren't the healthiest in my eyes. I am absolutely in love with the Organic hemp oil with organic hemp seed oil and the vegan all natural non-gmo capsules!! One of my conditions is IBS/borderline chron's and I have to be careful with what I put in my body. I can truly say that these have never negatively affected me! I recommend these to anyone who needs a slow release of their cannabinoids! :)

*5mg capsules referenced were not an imbue product.

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