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im·bue™ health25 - 25mg premium CBD capsules - 30 count


For those wishing more sustained concentration, we offer our im·bue product in convenient capsule form. Our vegan capsules are colored with natural chlorophyll and contain the same Full Spectrum formulation, just in higher concentration. Follow package instructions for use. 30 capsules per bottle.

INGREDIENTS: Premium Colorado grown CBD Oil infused into organic hemp seed oil. 




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Cassandra W. Jun 22nd 2018

Life changing

I have been on numerous migrane treatments for the past 3 years with no success. Between all the pills and the injections I was feeling like a gunnea pig. I tried the 25 mg capsules as a last ditch effort and wow!! Not even exaggerating when I say I feel like I'm able to live again after 3 years of constant pain and hiding in the darkness of a bed. I went from migranes 5 times a week average to around 1 or 2 headaches not even migraines! Most amazing products ever!

Brya Gerard Jun 10th 2018

Imbue capsules

I was diagnosed with rheumatic arthritis when I was 8 years old and with fibromyalgia when I was around 12. I also suffer from chronic anxiety and PTSD, which caused me to be extremely depressive for many many years. As you can probably imagine I've been on a slew of medications throughout my life. I've pretty much tried them all. None worked very well, some better than others, but I was still frequently consumed by debilitating amounts of pain and emotional issues. On top of them not working past making me slightly functional they made me feel like an emotionless zombie and like I was in a fog all the time and it was awful. I had honestly lost all hope of ever being able to live a normal life. I heard of imbue botanicals through a friend and within 10 minutes within taking my first capsule I noticed a level of clarity in my thoughts I hadn't expiriences in years. I felt calm. I felt like things were going to finally be okay. It brought me to tears. Within a week I started feeling like I was coming back to life. The extreme fatigue I was constantly fighting started to fade. The pain lessened every day until I was able to start working out and strengthening my muscles again. Before the pain was too bad to even imagine working out. I'd use imbue's salve on my muscles before I started stretching and excersizing and that helped immensely too. Imbue's cbd made me able to recover and gave me a quality of life higher than I ever imagined possible for me. I've been on it for about 6 months now and haven't written a review because I've been beyond amazed and speechless at the results I've seen. I go to the gym regularly now and have a job and am enrolled in school again. I never thought I would be healthy enough to do all these things in my lifetime. All I really have to say is thank you. To imbue botanicals and everyone on their team. You guys gave me a new life.

Brya Gerard

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