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im·bue™ k9capsules - 10mg premium CBD capsules - 30 count

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For those pets facing tougher challenges, we offer our im·bue product in capsule form. It can be sprinkled on food or given directly. Our vegan capsules are colored with natural chlorophyll and contain the same Full Spectrum formulation, just in significantly higher concentration. Follow package instructions for use. Our k9capsules are 10mg of CBD per capsule. designed for larger breeds. For smaller breeds try our 5mg k9capsules small breed.  30 capsules per bottle.

INGREDIENTS: Premium Colorado grown CBD Oil infused into organic hemp seed oil. 

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3 Reviews

Jess Odin Nov 16th 2016

10mg CBD capsules

CBD truly works miracles!! The vet put my boxer on barbituates for his seizures, but the side effects were horrible and the seizures kept coming. He's now been seizure free for the 2 weeks that he's been taking 1 capsule daily. I'm so grateful to have my healthy, happy boy back! Thank you so much!!

Susan Daleymple Oct 31st 2016

It's a miracle.....

The first night I was nervous about giving it to our 50lb. dog Piper. My husband though wanted her to try it right away as she is so anxious and licks us all the time and cannot lie still. It was wonderful. She was able to lie down on the bed with us and not licks all the time and was able to just be pet . She was not out of it, as she still got up to drink water and play with the other dogs, just in a calmer far we love this and it makes it so much easier to spend quality time with her now.

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