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im·bue™ k9comfort for dogs 40mg - 1fl oz.

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Our easy-to-use 30 ml liquid is thoughtfully packaged within a drawstring muslin pouch and recyclable outer box. Simply administer 10 drops or so for smaller dogs, 15-20 drops for larger, twice daily.​

INGREDIENTS: CBD Oil derived from Colorado grown hemp and organic vegetable glycerin.



 "ALL ABOUT THE COMFORT OF MY 14 YEAR OLD CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIEL. I am on the 2nd bottle of K9Comfort for my amazing 14 year old Cavalier, Skippy. He has been having some kind of seizures late at night early in the morning multiple times per month. I give him 10-12 drops of K9 comfort on his food twice per day. It has lessened the frequency, intensity and episode length substantially. He has been on K9 Comfort for over a month and "knock on wood" has only had one mild one. Thank you for offering a product with our beloved pets in mind."

- Tammi

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6 Reviews

Sara Mar 19th 2018

K9Comfort for Dogs 40mg

Our 14 year old Lab/Corgi has been having trouble with his hind leg. DAY ONE receiving these drops in his food we saw drastic improvement in his mood and energy. He's now going up and down the stairs without hesitation, and he's got a pep in his step we haven't seen in months. We're so so pleased this product was recommended to us and that it is working for our sweet boy. THANK YOU

Maggie Hall Jan 24th 2018

K9 Comfort for Dogs

I have two Yorkies and their personalities are polar opposites. The small one, Tahlulah, is dominant over the larger one, Glow. I hear this a lot from other dog people that I know. I give both of them the K9Comfort tincture on their food each morning, just a few drops. It is making Tahlulah more mellow with Glow, and much more outgoing with strangers. My friends have all commented "What happened? She's so friendly now!" And Glowie hardly ever gets picked on now - it is so great! She is a sweetheart and she wasn't doing anything to get Lulah mad at her before! Glow is more relaxed now too, and has less anxiety since Lulah is more accepting and loving. She is giving kisses instead of growling. And a bonus is that I know it is giving them overall balance, helping with their bone density as they age, and it has anti-tumor properties!

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