In the Midst of the Coronavirus Crisis…

Posted by Tom Bauer on Mar 12th 2020

In the Midst of the Coronavirus Crisis…

In the Midst of the Coronavirus Crisis…

What about CBD?

Let’s be 100% clear. Despite any wild and crazy claims made by unscrupulous companies or individuals you may see on the internet, CBD is NOT a cure for coronavirus in humans. That being said, it does possess properties that may address some key elements. CBD is known to offer anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It may also act as an effective treatment for nausea and vomiting, which can be induced by the coronavirus in humans. But to make any claim that it can effectively treat, manage or cure COVID-19 is reckless and irresponsible.

CBD may help modulate the immune system in humans (click on the link for an informative, general article ) And while CBD may be effective against certain strains of Virus such as HCV, (see here ) there is NO EVIDENCE to date to suggest it might be effective against the novel coronavirus.

Like all pathogens, this newly-discovered coronavirus does seem to align with the Germ Theory of Disease. One of the main postulates for an infection to occur, of course, is a susceptible host. It also follows that the more susceptible the host, the more virulent the infection.

When looking at the novel coronavirus outbreak so far, it seems apparent that older individuals or individuals with underlying medical conditions seem to be most prone to a more serious form of the infection. This may be due to a weaker immune system.

I read an article yesterday from an ER physician who was opining on how to protect one’s self from the virus. He was encouraging people to take their prescribed medications, eat healthy, quit smoking or vaping….essentially anything that increase your overall health, well-being and immune system. Makes sense.

Simple logic would dictate that a stronger immune system, then, would manifest in a lower level of host susceptibility. You probably see where this is going… utilization of something that seems to help modulate the immune system may well be beneficial

We’re NOT CLAIMING THIS WILL HELP. In fact, we’re making no claims of any kind here. We leave that to the healthcare professionals. But should you decide to take CBD, make sure that it's the most efficacious brand available. And suffice to say that all of us at Imbue are taking our Imbue CBD daily!

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