It’s National Nurses Day

Posted by Tom Bauer on May 6th 2020

It’s National Nurses Day

A huge thank you from Imbue (especially to those on the Front Lines)

I have a long and storied past with nurses. I have worked with nurses in hospitals in virtually every State and even in Canada. They’ve been my customers, my clients, my business partners…and most importantly, my friends. As a result, I can attest to today’s theme…Compassion. Expertise. Trust.

From my very first job after graduate school selling OR supplies to nurses, I saw what a difference these dedicated individuals make in our healthcare system, and the incredible sacrifice they make each and every day. From comforting patients and family, dealing with the occasionally-difficult doctor, navigating the unending bureaucracy, all while providing medical proficiency that can truly astound.

Now, today, as we face an almost unimaginable toll on our healthcare system, once more these brave individuals have been there for us, toiling under dangerous and exhausting conditions while we “shelter in place”.

If there was ever a time to place extra importance on Nurses Day, it’s definitely right now. To all nurses everywhere, and especially our nurse customers, a heartfelt thank you for ALL you do. Now and Always.

With all our best,