The Dog Days of Summer…

Posted by Tom Bauer on Aug 6th 2020

The Dog Days of Summer…

Keep our em·body CBD lotion close at hand!

It’s HOT here in Palm Springs, California. We’re in that stretch of summer traditionally referred to as the Dog Days Of Summer. While the saying sometimes conjures up images of panting canines trying to avoid the summer heat, the saying actually comes from Hellenistic times when the heliacal rising of “dog constellation”, Sirius appeared in the sky before sunrise. Both the ancient Greeks and Romans associated this with the hottest time of the year, often fraught with unpredictable thunderstorms, lethargy, fever, and bad luck.

But technology has certainly improved our summer experience since ancient or even relatively recent times. Home, office and automobile air conditioning make even the hottest climates bearable. And here in Palm Springs, the obligatory backyard pool makes lounging in the hot sun seem quite ok.

And even in the midst of this pandemic, many of us are still carefully venturing out to the beaches, lakes and shores, seeking some sense of summer fun and normalcy, trying to make the most of a trying situation.

So as you immerse yourself in this seemingly strange summer, a suggestion from yours truly…Keep our embody lotion close by. I found out the hard way just how soothing our lotion can be on sunburn a couple years ago on a trip to the big island of Hawaii. I fell asleep while lying by the pool and got seriously sunburned. Luckily, I’d packed several of our travel size lotions and applied it generously on my lobster-colored skin. I remember being amazed at how much better it felt almost immediately, and it definitely reduced the peeling in the week that followed.

Many of our customers have also said what a help our lotion has been with sunburn. But our lotion doesn’t just help with sunburn. It’s great on those summer insect bites and scrapes and scratches from keeping up the yard and garden.

So in the midst of these Dog Days, you’ll find our lotion a valuable addition to your summer health armamentarium. (…and for the canine members of your family, don’t forget about our k9comfort salve and nose balm!)

Stay cool and stay safe!

with all our best,