WHY we lowered our prices…

Posted by Tom Bauer on Jul 14th 2021

WHY we lowered our prices…


When we first started Imbue Botanicals, CBD was in its infancy. Though the 2014 Farm Bill had recently passed which allowed for research institutions and certain other entities to grow hemp under trial programs (it was actually well into 2015 when it became law), virtually ALL of the CBD used in the few scant product lines in the market was grown outside the US, most of it in China. We knew we didn’t want to utilize hemp for our special product line that was grown in areas of the world where we would have no oversight or ability to ensure quality, so we looked for a US-based solution, and found it in one of the very first hemp farms in the US, high up in the San Luis Valley in the Colorado Rockies.

So we became one of the VERY FIRST COMPANIES to use US grown CBD in our products, and literally lead the way for the industry. Over the next 2 years or so, as US Hemp became more available, most of our competitors switched over as well. But we still lead the way with innovative products and set the bar for testing within the industry.

Which brings us to 2021. Hemp farming has grown massively, and the cost for hemp and hemp extract has fallen significantly as supplies have flourished. With CBD oil being one of the major components in our products, that means our costs have dropped significantly as well.

Making the decision to pass those savings on to you, our loyal customers, was an easy decision! We believe that access to exceptionally high-quality CBD products like ours at significantly lower costs just makes sense....and is something our customers deserve. This isn't the first time we've lowered our prices, but now are prices are a fraction of where they started five wonderful years ago!

When we started Imbue Botanicals, I was looking for a solution to the debilitating neuropathy I was suffering from at the time. Now, five years later, I am so grateful to say that by using our products, I’m virtually neuropathy free. I believed then as I do now, that everyone should have access to products like these, and what better way to make that a reality than offering them at more affordable prices!

Thank you everyone for your ongoing support.

With all our best,