Why We Ship for FREE

Posted by Tom Bauer on Jan 9th 2020

Why We Ship for FREE

The Importance of Not Being “Nickel and Dimed to Death” When Buying CBD

This morning, I received an email from one of our competitors announcing “Free shipping for next 2 days”. Now it’s certainly not a bad company, but I couldn’t help thinking to myself “Really? You’re charging for shipping?” But frankly, most companies in the industry charge for shipping. We never have!

You see, when we founded Imbue, we wanted to be sure our customers got the finest, most efficacious CBD products available, that were easy to order and shipped the same or next business day. We could have charged for shipping. It was easy to do in our online platform, but we absolutely refused. If someone was going to place their trust in Imbue to help with their health and wellness, then the least we could do is pay for the shipping. We figured it was our investment in our customers.

Now, almost four years later, we still don’t charge for shipping on any retail order, no matter the size… even though postal rates have increased every year, and the price of our products have not! It’s not an inexpensive investment, but one we feel is well worth it…and one we feel you, our customers appreciate. But it doesn’t stop at just free shipping. We use USPS to get your purchase to you as fast as possible. Most of our shipments arrive at their destination in 2 to 3 days.

As we’ve expanded into the wholesale market, we carried our “Free Shipping” policy to our wholesale partners as well and make it convenient for places like independent pharmacies to make our products available to more people who can benefit from them. And it’s working!

So remember…our shipping is ALWAYS FREE at Imbue Botanicals. That’s because in the long run, we feel what benefits our customer obviously benefits Imbue. And let’s face it…it’s just the right thing to do!

with all our best,