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K-9 Veterans Day, March 13, 2023

K-9 Veterans Day is celebrated on March 13. It’s a day that K-9 breeders and handlers honor the service of their furry companions. These dogs serve vital roles in the...

K-9 Veterans Day is celebrated on March 13. It’s a day that K-9 breeders and handlers honor the service of their furry companions. These dogs serve vital roles in the military and law enforcement, and often risk their health and lives to accomplish their missions. At Imbue, we feel that it’s important to celebrate their efforts at least once a year.

K-9 Veterans Day was started by Joe White, a Vietnam War veteran from Jacksonville, Florida. White was a dog handler who saw firsthand how valiantly K-9s served in the conflict and was disturbed by the (now abolished) euthanasia of these K-9 heroes at the end of their military service. To help raise awareness and honor the sacrifices of military working dogs, he came up with the idea of a holiday commemorating them. At Imbue, we are also most mindful of these less-recognized veterans of our armed forces; the countless canines who have valiantly served, many making the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Many of you are aware of our connection to Dobermans. And as Doberman Pinscher owners, we are perhaps more aware of the history of this breed in connection to the wartime sacrifice they made. The very first Marine War Dog Training School was established at Quantico Bay, Cuba, on January 18, 1943, under the direction of Captain Samuel T. Brick. Fourteen Doberman Pinschers were donated by the Baltimore, Maryland and Canton, Ohio members of the Doberman Pinscher Club of America. The school's location was short lived, however. A week later, the War Dog Training Center was established at Camp Lejeune, NC

According to the Doberman Pinscher Club of America “When United States Marines landed war dogs on Bougainville in the South Pacific, the first of November, 1943, it marked the first use of trained military dogs in combat by the United States. Dobermans, the official U.S. Marine Corps War Dogs, served throughout the South Pacific, courageously leading patrols in the steaming jungles, giving timely warning of the enemy waiting in ambush or hiding in caves, saving untold lives. They guarded exhausted sleeping troops in foxholes by night, preventing infiltration by the foe.”

More than 1,000 dogs had trained as Marine Devil Dogs during World War II. Twenty-nine war dogs were listed as killed in action, 25 of those deaths occurred on the island of Guam. Today, the U.S. Marine Corp maintains a War Memorial on Guam, for those 25 War Dogs that served and died there during WW II.

And today, that proud service started by those Dobermans continues throughout several branches of the military, utilizing several different breeds. These canine soldiers detect explosives, sniff out drugs and other contraband, and protect their fellow troops on bases around the world.

So this K-9 Veterans Day, we at Imbue extend a heartfelt thank you to our Veterans, our Active Duty Military and especially our Military Working Dogs for their service and dedication.

Oh, and by the way, if you know any Veteran Canines, let them know that Imbue provides its products for their care for free. (We also offer special human Veteran Pricing as well!)


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