A Dog’s Life…

Posted by Tom Bauer on Aug 29th 2018

A Dog’s Life…

Why CBD can make a difference, and why our CBD products for pets are simply the best.

We recently lost one of our Dobermans. Mae, our “original-style” Doberman suffered a ruptured spleen. Even though our vet’s efforts to save her were nothing short of heroic, she did not survive. Three days post-surgery, she developed a clot, suffered a stroke and died. It was truly one of the most difficult pet losses my husband and I ever had to endure. She was a truly special girl who brought laughter and joy into our lives.

Mae, like all of our Dobermans, was a rescue. We got her from the North San Diego Animal Shelter when she was down to her last few weeks. Animal Control found Mae wondering the streets of Rancho Santa Fe, skinny with no identification, no chip. She’d been adopted once before we adopted her, but quickly returned as she had a penchant for going after the ladies bird (Imagine that… a dog wanting to go after a bird!) Anyway, once a dog is returned, most folks shy away from adopting them as they assume something is wrong with the animal. This is what was happening to Mae.

100 years ago

When we went to meet her, she seemed to really like our other 2 dogs, but couldn’t have cared less about us. Undaunted though, we adopted her anyway. Within days, she was part of the family. But she did not look like any Doberman I was familiar with. In doing research on the internet, I was able to find a picture of what Dobermans looked like 100 years ago. And low and behold, they looked exactly like Mae! By accident, I ran across another dog up for adoption that looked identical to Mae from a rescue that gets its dogs from Tijuana. We ultimately figured there was a breeder in Mexico with Dobermans resembling the original line, and somehow, Mae had “emigrated” from there. 

A couple years ago, Mae started developing seizures. We immediately put her on our K9 capsules, and the seizures stopped. I hadn’t shared that information with our veterinarian until that fateful Saturday we were doing emergency surgery on Mae. Somewhere between the surgery and recovery, I mentioned this to my vet. 

She responded by saying that she saw promise with seizures as well, though was always reticent to stop current treatment and switch. She preferred a dual course treatment until she was confident of the outcome. She went on to tell me again what a big believer she was in our products, as an alternate treatment in cancer care, and that she was seeing some remarkable outcomes in dogs with arthritis and “older age” mobility issues.

Now to be clear, this isn’t a veterinary endorsement of our products or CBD, and nothing in this article should be inferred as any claim about our products. Rather, we’re simply sharing our personal experience with our products.

At Imbue, we know we needed to develop the best line of CBD products for pets on the market because the health of our pets…and yours…is paramount to all we do. With tinctures, capsules, salves and even nose balm, we offer an extensive product line to meet a whole host of needs.

Because while we all want our dogs’ lives to be filled with nothing but happiness, sometimes, like with Mae, health conditions interfere.

And that’s why we make Imbue…to make our dogs’ lives that much better!

with all our best,