CBD Oil for Kids - Is It Safe?

Many parents have turned to alternative treatments when it comes to helping their sick children. CBD, which is also commonly referred to as cannabidiol, is being turned to to help treat a variety of ailments in children and in adults. CBD, which is derived from hemp plants. Unlike cannabis plants, hemp plants contain low levels of THC.

THC is the component in cannabis that produces euphoric effects. When taking CBD in any form, you will not feel euphoric effects because CBD does not contain high enough levels of THC to make you feel high. Therefore, CBD is safe for children to use. Many parents are using it to help with pain, mental health issues, and a variety of other ailments. Parents have have reported that CBD can be helpful in treating their children’s ADD, ADHD and autism.

CBD cannot cure any disease or disorder, but many people find it helpful in treating the symptoms of some diseases. For example, children with epilepsy have experienced fewer seizures while undergoing a CBD regimen. Depression and anxiety can also be treated using CBD products.

According to Doris Trauner, M.D., Professor at the University of California San Diego, in the field of Neurosciences and Pediatrics, “CBD has become a very popular over-the-counter type of treatment that parents get on their own and give their children, and some say they see a big improvement, every other patient I see is asking about it.”

She also notes that scientific research is still not completed. Moreover, CBD products are currently unregulated by the FDA.

Still, experts have high hopes for CBD products as a cure for many maladies. Much of the research on CBD has been done on animals.

Though, there isn’t a lot of research on ADHD and CBD, there have been studies that suggest CBD is helpful in easing anxiety and other mental problems, even among kids. According to experts, CBD can bring a positive change in kids having health issues.

In short, CBD is safe for kids, and all everyone is different, many parents have reported positive effects for their children.

NOTE: Nothing in this section should be taken as a claim about the effects of any of our particular products. No claims are being made as to the use of any of our products and none should be inferred. We simply find this evidence to be interesting and hope it may help customers make more informed decisions.