How To Use CBD Oil

How To Use CBD Oil

CBD oil has helped both people and pets with a variety of issues. Those who are brand new to the world of CBD may find themselves wondering how to use CBD oil. There are many different options to choose from. You can try out multiple options singularly or in conjunction with one another to find the best way for you.

Oral Ingestion

The easiest way to take CBD oil is orally. Those who are new to taking CBD oil will find it an easy and hassle-free way to reap the benefits CBD oil has to offer. Pills or capsules are the simplest way to orally take CBD. It is no different than taking any other over-the-counter medication. Pills or capsules can provide a more exact dosing method for CBD. Bottles should be labeled with appropriate dose per capsule. Imbue Botanicals makes its capsules for people in 5, 10 and 25 mg dosages, as well as capsules specifically for pets.

Another way to take CBD oil orally is through a concentrated herbal extract known as a tincture. Many tinctures are formulated with an CCT oil such as coconut oil, which a lot of folks find is not terribly pleasant tasting. Because Imbue Botanicals uses a vegetable glycerin from pygmy palm fruit, our tinctures have a naturally-sweet taste without the need for other additives. They are available in multiple strengths and sizes for both people and pets.

Topical Application

There is also the option to use it topically. There are creams and lotions available with CBD. These can be applied to specific areas to help with a variety of issues. These products can also be used concomitantly with oral CBD products to further enhance overall efficacy.

Sublingual Application

Sublingual application is taken from the Latin for "under the tongue," and refers to the route of administration by which substances diffuse into the blood through tissues under the tongue. This allows it to enter the bloodstream much quicker than any of the other options. The effects may be felt quicker than if the CBD is taken orally because it somewhat bypasses the digestive system.


Inhaling CBD is another option. Users need to use a vaporizer to do so. This method is not suggested for people who are not familiar with vaporizer use. Inhalation of CBD oil allows for a higher concentration of it to enter the bloodstream. It is also a very fast way to feel the effects of CBD. Inhalation may also cause CBD to leave the bloodstream faster than other methods of use.