It's Time We All Measured Up!

Posted by Tom Bauer on Oct 16th 2018

It's Time We All Measured Up!

Imbue is Introducing a Calibrated Dropper for ALL its CBD Tinctures for People and Pets!

Getting an exact, repeatable dose when it comes to using tinctures with a standard-type dropper has always been a challenge. Heck, one of the reasons we introduced our capsules originally was that they could provide the user with an exact dosage.

Well tincture users, suffer no longer with inaccurate dosing! We are introducing a calibrated dropper with ALL of our tinctures starting this month. First introduced with our new black label imbued tincture, it was an immediate hit with our customers and independent pharmacist clientele alike. And at the urging of some of our key pharmacist customers, we’re now rolling it out across the entire line for the benefit of all our customers.

And we truly appreciate the guidance from our pharmacy partners! As we become one of the most preferred brands for independent pharmacies, we wanted to be sure that we were providing these, and other, healthcare professionals with a way to truly provide accurate, repeatable dosing information to their patients.

And that’s exactly what we’ve done. These new calibrated droppers provide an accurate readout of what you’re actually taking. No more guess work, no more approximations. An exact does each and every time.

And while these droppers cost significantly more than the old droppers, we’re not raising our prices at all. It’s something we’ve always been committed to…providing the best packaged, most highly efficacious product on the market.

That’s what you’ve come to expect from Imbue Botanicals, and our goal is to always deliver that to you, our valued customers.

So next time you order one of our tinctures, you’ll likely notice the black calibration lines on the dropper. And hopefully you’ll agree that they make the process much easier…and more accurate.

with all our best,