On This Veterans’ Day, a Heartfelt Thanks.

Posted by Tom Bauer on Nov 12th 2018

On This Veterans’ Day, a Heartfelt Thanks.

We Will Always Remember…

This morning, as usual, the alarm went off at 4:30 AM, and I headed to the gym for a quick workout before the workday began. And as usual, I passed the park pictured above on the way. But this morning, the entire park was bathed in floodlights as if to say that on this Veterans’ Day, the 100th anniversary of the singing of the armistice ending World War 1, that the role of Veterans in protecting our freedom and our way of life shone brightly all these years later.

On this very special commemorative Veterans Day, we pause to thank all those who fought so valiantly and protected what we stand for. And we also pause to thank all of those who are currently doing the same, all of our fine men and women in uniform. We are beyond grateful for your service.

This today, is not about some Veterans Day sale, or the commercialization of what should be a solemn, thoughtful occasion. No, it’s about recognizing something much greater...an unyielding sense of duty.

We talk to Veterans all the time here at Imbue, and appreciate that so many are our valued customers. We of course offer a Veterans’ discount program. It’s the very least we can do. And we want you to know how much we appreciate your support. We are humbled by your patronage.

Tomorrow morning, the alarm will go off at 4:30 AM just as it did today. And I will drive the same way as I did this morning to the gym. But the lights will have gone out in preparation of taking down these thousands of flags erected in honor of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for all of us. But what I will remember in my mind’s eye is this morning when the park was illuminated as if it was mid-day, with each flag shining brightly.

From all of us at Imbue, thank you to all our Veterans and all of those in uniform. We are most grateful.

with all our best,