ThanksGIVING. Changing the Conversation Just a Bit…

Posted by Tom Bauer on Nov 23rd 2018

ThanksGIVING. Changing the Conversation Just a Bit…

Giving This Season from our CBD sales to help those who GIVE

I was watching the news last evening after Thanksgiving dinner, and saw several news segments on people rushing from their Thanksgiving meals to all the stores now open on Thanksgiving, offering stellar deals on every imaginable item. There was even a news clip on folks who had forgone the Holiday all together, choosing instead to camp out for 24 hours in front of an electronic/appliance store so they could be first in line when the store opened for its “Black Friday” deal-a-thon.

Earlier in the day, I got the picture of the little girl above from my friend Susan who tirelessly rescues Dobermans (all of our 3 girls were Susan rescues in fact). She had been used as breeding stock for some unscrupulous breeder and literally dumped in the middle of the night in the “night drop kennel” at the county animal shelter. The picture above is, I’m sure, her very first time to experience the warmth and caring of what a real human/pet relationship is all about.

Susan had spent the day before Thanksgiving bracing the Holiday traffic to drive from her home in San Diego to the Riverside County Shelter some 100 miles away to pick up this little sweetheart and provide her hope and a home for the future. For Susan, like many others, their emphasis on this holiday period is certainly on GIVING. But for the so many others of us who have much to be thankful for, we often overlook the opportunities to GIVE and focus on things like acquiring “more stuff”.

It’s BLACK FRIDAY followed in a few days by CYBER MONDAY, and companies like ours are supposed to provide discounts and incentives for you to buy more. But we were thinking “what if we did something entirely different?” What if we used a portion of EVERY SALE from EVERY retail customer who purchases from now through November 30th and give that to smaller recues like Susan who give so much to the abused and neglected animals among us?

So that’s exactly what we’re doing! 20% of EVERY SALE from EVERY retail customer who purchases from now through November 30th will be donated to smaller rescues so they can continue to GIVE.

And in some small way, maybe we all can help change the conversation, as well as the actions this Holiday Season.

With all our best,