We’ve Changed our Payment Processor!

Posted by Tom Bauer on Dec 27th 2018

We’ve Changed our Payment Processor!

Say goodbye to all those “declines” on your CBD orders!

For all those of you who experienced “declines” with your credit cards, or had to call up your bank to tell them it really was you placing the order with Imbue, we’re excited to tell you that’s all a thing of the past!

As many of you know, the reason why so many of you experienced issues with credit cards is that our processor was overseas. Due to banking regulations in the US, and they’re reluctance to process CBD payments, most of the industry had to utilize overseas processors to handle credit cards. The trouble was, as soon as banks in the US see an overseas charge, and they weren’t notified that you were traveling overseas, they think “possible fraud”, and deny the transaction. This, of course, was beyond frustrating for you all…and us!

But now, with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill which extends legality on a Federal basis for hemp and hemp-related products, domestic processors are now willing to allow companies like ours, with stellar processing records, to utilize their services for 100% US-based processing! Starting last Friday, we made the switch to our new processor and updated our site accordingly.

But there’s more good news! Not only do we accept MasterCard and Visa just as before, but we can now also accept American Express and Discover to pay for your orders.

Our previous processor was great to work with, and truly helped us maintain a high level of payment support, but they were just hampered by the fact that processing had to occur overseas. Nonetheless, we truly thank them for all their help and support.

But for you, our most valued customers, we’re so happy to say that as we enter a New Year, we’ve also entered a new era in payment processing and support to make your shopping experience much simpler and more enjoyable. And we thank you all for sticking by us, even when it was frustrating, I’m sure.

From all of us at Imbue, Thank you. And a very Happy New Year!

with all our best,