Why People LOVE our Tinctures

Posted by Tom Bauer on Aug 3rd 2018

Why People LOVE our Tinctures

Imbue Botanicals… and Quite Possibly the Best Tincture of Hemp on the Market!

We began the process of developing our tinctures of hemp some 2 and a half years ago. It was a daunting task at the time. We literally went out and purchased all the competition, tried them, analyzed them and asked ourselves a simple question…”if we were buying this competitors product, would we be satisfied?” And time after time the answer was the same. A resounding NO!

The trouble with developing CBD oil for people (not to mention CBD oil for pets), is that by its very nature, it’s an oil. And we all know from school chemistry and basic cooking, it’s not always easy mixing an oil. What virtually all of the competition does is to mix CBD oil in with other oils like coconut oil or other MCT (Medium-chain triglyceride) oils. The problem is, while these oils mix well with CBD oil, the resulting taste isn’t very pleasant. In fact, in many products we tested, it was downright disgusting. Some companies add flavorings and stabilizers to mask the unpleasant taste, but that solution was far from appealing for Imbue Botanicals.

We knew that we had the finest hemp CBD oil available, carefully extracted using our proprietary low temperature and low pressure extraction process. And we also know that if we used vegetable glycerin, especially one derived from sweet pygmy palm fruit, we would have a superior tasting product and could skip all the additives. But all the research we did had a very clear recommendation….STAY AWAY from vegetable glycerin…it was too difficult to mix with the CBD oil without running the risk of separation and it was difficult to test once made.

But at Imbue Botanicals, we’re always up for a good challenge, and the development of our tinctures of hemp was no exception. Over the past 2 years, we’ve engineered ways of keeping the CBD oil and the glycerin in suspension. We’ve homogenized them for increased absorbability. And they’ve developed a very loyal following amongst our customer base. And for that, we express our extreme gratitude!

Then after all that, we had to pioneer new testing methodologies to ensure we could provide accurate, consistent 3rd party, independent testing of our CBD products so you could absolutely know you’re getting what we promise. And we post those results by batch in our Product Manufacturing and Testing section on our website.

Our Full Spectrum tinctures of hemp contain no added ingredients, only our organic CBD oil and organic, kosher vegetable glycerin from pygmy palm fruit. The result is a pleasant-tasting, fast-absorbing, highly-effective tincture of hemp, unlike so many others on the market. Available in multiple strengths in our CBD Products for People section, and for our furry family members in CBD products for Pets section, you’re sure to find the right product for you.

Are our tinctures of hemp the best on the market? We think so. And when try them, we think you’ll agree!

with all our best,