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For those wishing more sustained concentration, we offer our im·bue product in convenient capsule form. Our vegan capsules are colored with natural chlorophyll and contain the same Full Spectrum formulation, just in higher concentration. Follow package instructions for use. 30 capsules per bottle.

INGREDIENTS: Premium Colorado grown CBD Oil infused into organic hemp seed oil. 




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    cbd and alzheimers

    Posted by ronda on Apr 6th 2017

    My brother has been taking the imbue 25 mg. cbds to address anxiety and stress levels for 9 months. His behaviour continues to remain calm and happy.
    Imbue 25 mg cbds have continued to be effective...t
    They are a must for him and doctor recommended.
    Thanks imbue....this is the best medicine !!

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    cbd and alzheimers

    Posted by ronda on Mar 25th 2017

    My brother is still taking 25 mg premium cbds to control his anxiety level...after 6 months, he simply chews the entire capsule now...thanks to imbue for their excellent product....service ...and support...

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    cbd capsules for pain

    Posted by Maggie on Jan 17th 2017

    I had no idea how much the constant ache in my SI join was affecting me day-to-day! I am very physical and I had to adjust how I moved during chores, and it had just become a way of life. Now with my pain gone because of the Health 25 pure CBD capsules, I am moving great and able to do all my yoga poses again! I noticed that a six-month knee injury has also completely healed! And - another bonus - my attitude is much more hopeful and positive - even more than my norm~!

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    We are continuing the 25mg by imbuebotanicals for my brother who has mid stage alzheimers....they have literally saved his life....he had extremely high anxiety and agitation levels....the symptoms have vitually disappeared...these high quality cbds

    Posted by Faye-Ann Delia on Nov 8th 2016

    Thanks to the team for their knowledge, support and personal attention..

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    25 mg cbd

    Posted by ronda on Oct 30th 2016

    Once again, i am raving about the positive results from the 25mg imbue cbds. My brother has mid stage alzheimers and since starting him on the imbue cbds, he has continued to show improvement with hardly any agitation a

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    most reliable and efficient cbd product I've ever tried

    Posted by john corey on Sep 23rd 2016

    I tried imbue cbd capsules after going through an immensely painful wisdom tooth extraction. Some people heal fast and don't go through a lot of pain, in my case I had a much more difficult procedure due to the nerve in my jaw bone being intertwined with the bottom of my wisdom teeth. To even get them out part of my jaw had to be cutoff since there was bone growth over them as well. Even though I was given a prescription painkiller it did literally nothing to take away the throbbing pain I had. These imbue cbd capsules were like the holy grail to me in my time of need. After the opiate painkiller failed to do literally anything for me I started taking the capsules to compare the results and also was just hoping for some relief. I am so happy I purchased these capsules because they took the throbbing pain away shortly after ingesting just one capsule. The acute sharp feeling that was constant after this procedure would come to a complete halt and gave me hours of tremendous relief after I took a cbd cap. If you are in pain, or know you might be from some type of procedure in the near future, you will thank your past self for ordering them in time.

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    cbd and alzheimers

    Posted by ronda on Sep 19th 2016

    After one week, a noticeable improvement in anxiety and agitation.
    If only i knew about cbds earlier.
    If you have a loved one with alzheimers, i urge you to try these immediately....
    Its really the only natural hope for an ease and hopefully a cure to this awful disease.

    thanks to the high quality cbds by im-bue botanicals...

    Ill be trying the salve next !!!

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    behaviour improvement overnite !

    Posted by ronda on Sep 2nd 2016

    These cbd capsules work almost immediately....
    The anxiety and distress level of my 79 year old brother who has mid stages AD, has shown marked improvement in his mood level....
    it even seems to aid in providing a more restful sleep.....

    Thanks dan and paul for your personal expertise and assistance.

    I will continue to order the 25mg cbds...

    Thanks again...
    You are angels

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    amazing cbd product, consistent, efficient, and gets the job done

    Posted by John corey on Jul 20th 2016

    I got these cbd caps for help with pain relief after I had 3 wisdom teeth removed with a lengthy and very painful procedure. I must say its truly impressive how much it helped with the inflammation and throbbing in my face after the surgery, to a level that a tylenol or other over the counter product has never achieved for me. If you want something that works, this is it.