im·bue™ vitality - 100mg/oz CBD tincture of hemp - 1 fl oz.

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Designed for those instances where a higher level of CBD is desired, im·bue vitality delivers 100 mg full spectrum CBD. Our easy-to-use, pleasant tasting 30 ml liquid is thoughtfully packaged within a drawstring cloth pouch and recyclable outer box.



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7 Reviews

M. Oct 22nd 2018

Vitality Tincture 100 mgs

Only a third of a dropperful twice a day has greatly improved my anxiety issues due to hormonal shifts from pre-menopause. I can get to sleep more easily, feel more calm and relaxed without any spaced-out side effects at all. It is extrmely effective! I would give 5 stars if it were more affordable for me!

Tori Sep 11th 2018

100 mg CBD oil

My son, who has tourette's syndrome has been taking the 100 mg CBD oil for almost two weeks now. We are very pleased with this product! His tics have improved so much they are almost gone. We will definitely keeping purchasing from this company. Thank you so much! We are very thankful!

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