imbue elevated - 250mg/oz CBD tincture of hemp - 1 fl oz


*  Proprietary Full Spectrum CBD oil high in other beneficial cannabinoids and rich in terpenes

*  Unique vegetable glycerin carrier provided faster absorption, increased bioavailability and pleasant taste with NO added flavors or fillers

*  OUR BIGGEST SELLER for more serious issues

*  250 mg of fast absorbing CBD of per 30ml bottle

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Designed for those instances where higher levels of CBD is desired, im·bue elevated delivers a strong 250 mg full spectrum CBD per fluid ounce. This easy-to-use, pleasant tasting 30 ml liquid thoughtfully packaged within a black velour drawstring pouch and recyclable outer box.

INGREDIENTS: Organically grown CBD Oil derived from Colorado grown hemp and organic vegetable glycerin.




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    Posted by Lisa Slicer on Nov 10th 2017

    I've been taking three droppers a day. It might be more than most people. But I've been a cronic pain patient since 1999. The narcotics don't work anymore and the Dr said that there's nothing more they could do for my pain. I have stage 4 colon cancer and I've had four back fusions, fibromyalgia. Lots of pain. But since I have been taking the oil it helps with my pain. I can't say that I'm totally out of pain but I will say it has helped me so much. I will be staying on it probably forever. And everyone who I speak to are so friendly. I highly recommend it to everyone who is in pain to try it. Thank you for everything. Lisa

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    Awesome, Excellent please read full review, this is a testimonial you will want to know about. Have a great Day!

    Posted by Sarah on Apr 24th 2017

    This tincture not only tastes yummy, which is great, my husband cannot go without. We had to order 2 bottles our second round and he's wondering when we should prepare to order more. He has an extremely stressful job. Works long hours, not an easy industry to be in, thankless and draining all day, BUT when he started taking 1-2 droppers a day he noticed clarity, clearer mind, more capable of keeping his body running all day, helps him sleep better and most importantly has been able to stop taking Alprazolam, which if you know anything about that RX it has horrible long term potential damage. Starting with early on set Dementia, which is just one. He feels much better and noticed the difference the first day after he ran out. He took his alprazolam until he got more and is off it again. It's a 5 star for us all day long. The health of my family is my priority and I'm loving the calmer less stressed husband. I would recommend and have to so many people!

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    I am a new and forever customer!

    Posted by Mahlia McEwen on Jan 25th 2017

    With my Husband's blessing, I placed my first order for Im*Bue Elevated on 1-19-2017 and received it 1-23-2017. I opened the bottle ( I swear Cheech and Chong were going to jump out and sing Low Rider ) and took a half-dropper dose. Within 1 minute, my pain caused by R.A. and fibromyalgia was nonexistent. I couldn't believe it at first. Nothing else out in the market, that I have tried, has remotely come close to this ( within legal limits ). The quality is of the highest level. Every dose reacts the same with my body. I remain at half-dropper doses when I wake in the AM and before I go to bed at night. I sleep soundly, again. I have resumed my daily routine with ease. Workouts, walking, daily chores don't make me cry anymore. And saving the best for last, The staff. I called to sing the Praises. I was able to speak with Dan. A very humble and gracious man. A very caring person who understands pain and what works for on-going relief. I want to thank ALL who are involved with this product. I look forward to trying more of your products. This is life-changing. A heart-felt THANK YOU ! Blessings !

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    Posted by Raylien Bravo on Dec 23rd 2016

    My name is Raylien. My grandfather has been taking the tincture for over a month now at this dosage. He started on the samples prior and made his way up to this one. In total its been 3 months hes been using Im Bue tinctures. It has improved his life in many ways than one! He is Diabetic and has high cholestral and high blood pressure. It has helped him with all three of these including his arthritis pains. Since he has been taking the tincture he has more energy and has started gardening again. He even is running around doing errands on his own. Considering he is 69 yo. His movement is easier and is able to pick up and play with his younger grandchildren. As for his moods he has a very bad temper which has lead to his high blood pressure including his amount of drinking. The tincture has not only helped with those mood swings; its helped him ween off of his drinking resulting in lower blood pressure and better mood. There is so many great things i can say about Im Bue. It has helped my grandparents tremendously especially since they are so dependant on pills to the point they are borderline addicted and feel they cannot go a day without them. The moment i knew my grandfather needed this tincture was the week he had ran out of his samples and started believeing that his pills were helping him and told me he was graduating a pill class. Anyone who knows my grandpa knows he has always been strongly against medications his whole life. He was even more against medications after the doctors gave my grandmother a new medication and instead of helping her it made her highly allergic to very common foods she ate daily and she didnt know what she was allergic to until she ate it and got huge hives all over her body including her privates and head and it took years for her to be able to eat those foods again after stopping the medication immediately and still to this day she cannot eat certain items and note she wasnt allergic to anything but animals prior. So I strongly believe in Im Bue simply for what it has done for my family and for myself. I highly recommend this product! An to anyone who may have issues with it and are taking medications I highly suggest you take all the info for the tincture to your doctor and have them go over because it most likely isnt the tincture causing the symptoms it more than likely is your medications side affects you are now getting because the dosage may be to high since the CBD is providing everything the pill has for you but organicly.

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    im·bue™ elevated - 250mg tincture of hemp

    Posted by Bob Fletcher on Dec 19th 2016

    After being on IM-BUE Elevated for a week or so I noticed my blood glucose checks were sometimes going as high as 200 to 250. I am pre-diabetic and I had never seen the numbers that high, its usually between 110 and 130. Also after a little over a month I noticed little itchy bumps poping up on my lower back, forearms, and legs. After a week of laying off the tincture the itchy bumps went away and my blood glucose is finally but slowly checking under 150. It sounds like there was something in the formula that I was allergic to as for the elevated glucose, I have no idea of whats going on. IMBUE: Thanks for letting us know. On rare occasions, people with plant allergies may be affected by the natural hemp. As our product is whole plant and minimally processed, it can create an allergic reaction to those few folks who may be allergic to hemp. As for the elevated blood glucose, our tinctures do contain organic vegetable glycerin from pygmy palm fruit which does contain a natural sugar (hence the sweet taste to the product) which could cause glucose levels to spike . To avoid this, we suggest our capsules as an alternative, they contain no sugars whatsoever.