imbue em·body 200mg premium CBD salve - 2 oz. jar


Our exclusive, proprietary topical salves provide exceptional comfort and restore vitality to areas where applied. Our 2 ounce glass container has 200mg of Full Spectrum CBD and essential oils. 

INGREDIENTS: Grape seed oil, beeswax, hemp-derived premium Colorado grown CBD oil extract (200mg CBD), essential oils of rosemary, mint and infused arnica flowers.



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Patricia Yacker Jun 19th 2021

CBD Salve

When my son-in-law hurt his leg running, I gave him my salve and capsules. When he left, he wanted to keep the salve because it helped him so much after running and hiking. So I gave it to him for Father's Day.

Andrea P Sep 8th 2020

This product is a Miracle for my dry skin issue!

This salve is incredible. I've never written an online review for any type of product before, but had to share my enthusiasm for this healing product. I have had dry spots between my knuckles for almost 7 months. While it appears this salve is marketed for muscles/joint / athletes, (which I've tried it for too), it's been a miracle for my dry skin.
My skin was badly dry and cracked in two areas especially. And not attractive. Doesn't make sense because the spring & summer weather is warm and not cold. I've tried Cetaphil lotion, Argan Oil and others. I've aslo tried Aquaphor/Eucerin, and recently Neosporin seemed to be doing at least some healing.

Anyways I saw the CBD Imbue salve sample in my cabinet and thought, well salve you rub on. It's worth a try. It looks like Vaseline and has CBD and Essential Oils. Maybe this works.
I’ve been rubbing the salve on those dry spots consistently for 3-4 days and it’s literally a God send. I can’t believe the improvement!
I just bought a jar of the salve now.
It’s amazing. I rub it in, it’s greasy, but soon enough my skin just soaks it all up and I add more throughout the day and when I go to sleep. It appears to be working to tremendous benefit!

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