imbue health-25 - 25mg premium CBD capsules - 30 ct


*  Vegan capsule colored with natural chlorophyl to protect the contents from exposure to sunlight

*  Proprietary Full Spectrum CBD oil high in other beneficial cannabinoids and rich in terpenes

*  Unique hemp seed carrier for faster absorption

*  OUR BIGGEST SELLER with a full 25 mg of CBD for more serious issues

*  30 capsules per bottle

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For those wishing more sustained concentration, we offer our im·bue product in convenient capsule form. Our vegan capsules are colored with natural chlorophyll and contain the same Full Spectrum formulation, just in higher concentration. Follow package instructions for use. 30 capsules per bottle.

INGREDIENTS: Premium Colorado grown CBD Oil infused into organic hemp seed oil. 




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    Incredible Pain Relief from Colitis

    Posted by Janelle on Mar 18th 2018

    I have been suffering with Colitis for at least 6 years and my doctor has been treating my flare ups with several different types of anti inflammatory meds and 20 mg of prednisone, taken daily, for at least 6 weeks at a time. In the past 6 months these medicines had not been working and the pain was so intense I was having to take pain killers, which made me feel horrible everyday. A friend of mine told me about this product, I got in touch with Maggie, who has been a God send in educating me on what CBD is and how it works in the body. I have also read through the website and called the guys at customer service, and they helped me figure out which product was right for me. I am a month and a half in, taking the 25mg capsules daily and have in that time, weaned myself off of the other medications entirely and feel better than ever. I have spoken to my physicians about my choice in giving CBD a try for pain relief/inflammation and they have supported this decision, even mentioning that it has been effective for many other patients. I highly recommend this product! I am finally gaining a healthy amount of weight back and feel fantastic!

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    Imbue helped my 91-year-old Mom with knee pain

    Posted by Maggie on Feb 23rd 2018

    I love Imbue! My Mom has had knee pain for years now, and every six months she's had to go to get injections of turkey cartilage (!) into her knee to relieve it. Now that she has been taking the Health 25 from Imbue - the CBD seems to be helping to not only take away the pain, but it is possible that it is rebuilding the cartilage in her knee! I found a study in Ireland that suggests this: A Review From Ireland Suggests a Role for Hemp in Arthritis. A quote from this study: "hemp products may both fight inflammation and help prevent whatever is left over from causing further damage. Additionally, fluid from joints of patients with arthritis was found to have signs of an up-regulated endocannabinoid system, meaning that their joints were looking for enough cannabinoids to relieve the problem. As for the regenerative properties of cannabinoids, the authors of this review found that activating the endocannabinoid system boosts survival, migration and differentiation ability of stem cells. These are the three major factors that determine if stem cells can effectively regenerate damaged tissue." WOW! All I know is my 91-year-old MOM does not have pain and doesn't have to go get an injection in her knee anymore!!! And she is Irish, so she loved that the study was done in Ireland! THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN IMBUE!!!

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    Worked Wonders!

    Posted by Rivky Spivak on Jan 31st 2018

    This product has worked wonders for our family. My husband has unusually advanced and aggressive (this is usually not one of the aggressive fast moving cancers) Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and this has provided tremendous ease in calming his GI related cancer issues that allowed him to eat more and comfortably. It also lowered swelling in his vastly oversized lymph nodes all over his body. The doctor’s were surprised as this is typically not the kind of swelling that goes down. While his WBC (white blood cell count) didn’t change, the swelling of his nodes going down a bit eased his pain significantly. In my husband’s case, due to it’s severity, I doubled his dose to 2 pills to take 50 mg every everning. We are very grateful for the ease and gentleness this product has help bring in to our lives at a very difficult juncture.

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    Posted by Vivianna on Dec 7th 2017

    For several years, I've had medical procedures for the repair and replacement of a severed cartilage in my left foot. First, I tried using my own stem cells. When that didn’t work, I had a donor cartilage that replace the severed cartilage. I still had a big hole between my talus and tibia bones. As a last resort, I had an ankle joint replacement, called ankle arthroplasty. With each treatment, the muscles around my leg and ankle became weaker. I continued to experience a lot of pain when walking. I tried Cymbalta, Advil and Tylenol and none of these worked. I decided to try CBD. The first week I saw some improvement. I was able to walk with less pain, but I was still favoring my foot. After the second week I was able to walk normal. It took me awhile to stop favoring my left foot, from fear of hurting myself. Now, I don’t even think about it. I can walk up and down stairs and on rough surfaces without pain. I even exercise on treadmills and other nordic equipment. I can only attribute this to CBD. I think this is a miracle! There’s no other explanation for this.

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    25mg HEALTH

    Posted by Lloyd Wilson on Aug 28th 2017

    ... We found your product and the difference in Mae Mae is incredible. She is back to playing with her ball, she no longer stands around with her head hanging low and her eyes are bright with life and love. We have already lost two other cocker spaniels this year due to age and illness. At least with Mae Mae, we can enjoy and love her longer and she can be happier and feel better for a little longer thanks to CBD's. These animals are not just pets; they are members of our families. We love them as much as we love others. My husband and I cannot thank you enough for the work you do and for bringing this product... Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Lloyd Wilson and Joseph Diaz III

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    Posted by Zack on Jul 6th 2017

    I have been struggling with intractable insomnia and chronic pain for nearly a decade. I have tried all manner of pharmaceuticals with little to no relief (particularly for insomnia). While I have had to take a substantial amount, this product is quite literally the only thing I have found that has provided any consistent improvement in my sleep quality and has also allowed me to begin weaning off of other drugs for chronic pain and muscle spasm. I am very thankful and excited to see how things improve over a longer period of time. Many thanks!

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    25 mg HEALTH 25

    Posted by Deirdre on Jun 27th 2017

    My life became a little complicated in 2010 when I went in for day surgery on my spine and woke up paralyzed from my chest down. Since that time I have battled continuously with neuropathic pain and spasms. I had a Baclofen pump installed to help with the spasms but they continued to plague me even at the highest level of dosage. In 2015 I had 2 DREZ surgeries to kill the C nerve root in my spine from T4 to S1. That was guaranteed to eliminate all spasms and pain. Well that sorta worked.... except there still was pain and the spasms began to recur about 6 months ago. I continued to take the 25mg CBD capules to take the edge off the pain. It just seems to move it a little away from me. Well, three weeks ago, while at Craig Hospital in Colorado,I discovered that a rod in my spine had snapped! Wow! No wonder I was in so much pain! Just to make things worse, I had forgotten my CBD capsules on the kitchen;counter at home which is 6 away! I could not wait to get home! Yes, I was in Colorado where marijuana is legal but I didn't want to just go into some shop and pick up some product. I know and trust the im-bue botanicals. I toughed it out for the week of re-evaluations at Craig and came home. Now I have my 25mg CBD oil in my daily mediset so I don't miss a dose, if that's the correct terminology. Thank you im-bue botanicals for your wonderful product. I try to share this info with all my contacts, especially the SCI community, because we battle daily with neuropathic pain.

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    cbd and alzheimers

    Posted by ronda on Apr 6th 2017

    My brother has been taking the imbue 25 mg. cbds to address anxiety and stress levels for 9 months. His behaviour continues to remain calm and happy. Imbue 25 mg cbds have continued to be effective...t They are a must for him and doctor recommended. Thanks imbue....this is the best medicine !!

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    cbd and alzheimers

    Posted by ronda on Mar 25th 2017

    My brother is still taking 25 mg premium cbds to control his anxiety level...after 6 months, he simply chews the entire capsule now...thanks to imbue for their excellent product....service ...and support...