imbue kitty comfort for cats 20mg oz. CBD tincture of full spectrum extract hemp - 1 fl oz.

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*  Proprietary Full Spectrum CBD oil high in other beneficial cannabinoids and rich in terpenes

*  Pleasant tasting, unique vegetable glycerin carrier provided faster absorption, increased bioavailability and with NO added flavors or fillers

*  Specifically designed for your cat’s needs!

*  20 mg of fast absorbing CBD of per 30ml bottle

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Our 20mg kitty comfort tincture is easy-to-use 30 ml liquid is thoughtfully packaged within a drawstring muslin pouch and recyclable outer box. Simply administer 10 drops or so twice daily.​

INGREDIENTS: full spectrum extract of CBD Oil derived from Colorado grown hemp and organic vegetable glycerin.



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    Great product for yourself and pets !

    Posted by Lilly on Nov 25th 2022

    I’ve been a loyal customer for years. I recently tried another tincture for my older rescue cat and my younger cat who has been in our lives for four solid years as a therapy cat but we found her at the SPCA. People should go to shelters first. They know what love is and to be loved. We noticed that my eldest cat was very skinny and in pain so I put two folded up comforters on the floor, next a heating pad and last a towel on top. It is to help her hip pain and any other pain since she is thirteen She was okay until I rushed to find a CBD oil since I ran out IB CBD oil. After two days of a little CBD for pets on their food from DIFFERENT vendor. My thirteen year old cat has seemed alright but my four year old cat had a reaction. Bad inflammation! Her tummy tests were bright red. Both cat’s seemed a little lethargic. I threw the other out and put an order in right away! After taking CBD oil my thirteen year old sometimes acts like a kitten and feeling well.. I will never try a new vendor when I have the best. Thank you Imbue Botanicals for saving my thirteen year old cat who was in pain until I found you. She acts like a kitten again

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    Kitty Comfort CBD tincture of hemp

    Posted by Diane Bromley on Mar 14th 2021

    Two of my cats Sophie 13 years old and Gabby 14 years old both have arthritis in their knees . Sophie is extremely finicky about food and flavors Gabby is an eater . I was nervous for Sophie because nothing was helping her knees because she refused to eat when hiding in food and trying to medicate them was ridiculous and stressful on all of us. So I decided to give CBD a try with the girls. Sophie ate it no problem mixed in with her food I was amazed ! They both are walking around more and Sophie will jump up into her favorite spots again I’m sooo happy for them. The stress factor for all of us is non existent again

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    14 year old cat in renal failure

    Posted by Janice Lukens on Mar 3rd 2019

    I have a 14 year old cat who has been in kidney failure for the past 5 years. In the spring of 2018 she started vomiting everything she ate. After trying all sorts of food options with no improvement I decided to try CBD oil. I mix 7 drops into her morning and evening meals. She almost instantly stopped vomiting. She has put on a little much needed weight and looks so much healthier. Her kidney (she only has 1 that functions) is still slowly declining according to the blood work. There is no way to determine if the CBD is helping that, but she feels so much better. I know I would not have had her the last 11 months if not for the CBD oil. Thank you for this product!

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    Posted by David Fagan on Jan 17th 2019

    Our cats love it .makes grooming much easier.

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    20 mg CBD for cats

    Posted by DONNA SIMMONS on Sep 13th 2018

    Thank you Paul for calling me regarding my recent review. Sorry I missed your call. Thank you for addressing my concerns about a recent batch I received. Thank you for your 100%guarantee. Love your company. Happy customer here IMBUE: Our pleasure Donna. Thank you so much.

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    20 mg CBD for cats

    Posted by DONNA SIMMONS on Sep 13th 2018

    This bottle batch # 040918-IT20 dates 04-09-2018 is the second bottle I habe purchased. This batch is much thicker than my last bottle and it makes accurate dosing hard. I put a drop in a cat treat and that's how I dose my cats. These drops are not constant in size and I have already gone thru half of the bottle. I will order a 3rd bottle and see if it's just this bottle, but I'm not very happy.

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    CBD drops for cats

    Posted by Marty on Dec 18th 2017

    We have 2 cats, a 6 year old female and an 18 month old male. The male is very rambunctious, yet jumpy and skittish. When they wrestle, the 6 year old sounds like she's dying, and then she'll turn right around and chase him again. They're both on a low dose of anti-anxiety medication, which I have been able to lessen because of the CBD drops. Because neither of them is l or in significant pain, I adjusted the dosage to 3 drops split between their food, am & pm. This way they get a total of three or less drops per day, depending on how much wet food they eat. They also snuggle together more, and it's getting to be more of a habit all the time. I recommend this for soothing and calming cats at a very low dose.