3 Things to Avoid When Buying CBD Products!

Posted by Tom Bauer on May 6th 2017

3 Things to Avoid When Buying CBD Products!

Most people are well aware that all CBD products are not created equal. What they sometimes don’t know is what to avoid when buying these types of products to ensure they don’t get something inferior, or worse yet, ripped off all together.

And now, even government agencies are beginning to address this issue. The following is taken from The Cannabist, April 12, 2017:

Denver is clamping down on CBD products that originate outside of Colorado.

A bulletin issued Wednesday by Denver Environmental Health’s Public Health Inspections Division outlines a policy prohibiting out-of-state-made cannabidiol (CBD) products intended for human consumption.

“It has come to DEH’s attention that some CBD products originate from unregulated manufacturing facilities, have been illegally shipped across state lines, contain unapproved ingredients, or have been made in unsafe manufacturing conditions,” officials wrote in the bulletin. “When DEH encounters these products, retailers and manufacturers may be subject to DEH enforcement and requests for additional information to demonstrate that the product was manufactured safely.”

And frankly, we’re delighted to see this kind of intervention. But until this type of intervention becomes more common, here are the 3 things to avoid when buying CBD products:

1.Don’t buy products that originate from overseas. Much of the product available today is neither organic, nor US grown. In fact, most all other CBD products utilize imported material to compound their product Stateside, or ship it in in its finished state from places like China or Romania. In addition, product that is manufactured in whole or in part overseas is not under the control of the company.

At imbue, ALL of our hemp is Colorado grown and processed. We maintain strict “chain of custody” throughout the entire process, and control every element from seed all the way through to the consumer. 

2.Don’t buy products that contain mostly isolate CBD. So much of the competitive product contains only isolate, or refined, powdered CBD which is shown to be far less effective in laboratory studies when compared to whole plant extracts like imbue botanicals exclusively utilizes.

Our unique low-temperature, low-pressure processing helps ensure we preserve the naturally-occurring cannabinoids and terpenes so we can deliver what we think is one of the best full spectrum product lines there is. CLUE: if the milligrams of CBD in the product seem extremely high, it’s probably isolate!

3.Don’t buy products that aren’t processed in cleanroom environments under strict control, and grown in human agricultural fields. Much of the hemp grown overseas in places like China is not grown in prime agricultural fields, but rather grown in less productive soil. It is, after all, a weed and grows well even in less than ideal conditions. But for years, it’s also been grown to help “clean up” contaminated soil areas. Hemp has a natural affinity for contaminants, and once contained in the plant, that’s where they stay. And that’s a real problem if you’re planning on consuming it!

At imbue, we grow our product only in Colorado at high altitude for maximum sun exposure in fields that grow human consumable crops, test the soils for any contaminants or pesticides prior to planting, process it ourselves in cleanroom environments, independently test our products prior to shipping and batch label for complete traceability.

Beyond all that, our premium Colorado grown hemp CBD products are organically-grown, non GMO, cruelty free, gluten free, vegan and contain no added flavorings or sugars.

So here’s the best advice we can offer to avoid those costly mistakes when buying CBD products…be in the know… SIMPLY BUY IMBUE BOTANICALS!

You’ll be glad you did.

with all our best,