A Calmer State…

Posted by Tom Bauer on Jun 8th 2017

A Calmer State…

One of my Dobermans is exceptionally hyper. And I don’t mean just excitable. We’re talking bouncing off the wall, extremely ADHD (in a canine sense, if this was an actual diagnosis for dogs), and difficult to manage.

To be clear, Misty wasn’t a dog I sought out to adopt. Rather, I got talked into it by a friend who rescues Dobermans, who told me that if I didn’t go to the South LA animal shelter and adopt this poor sweet girl, she was sure to fall into the wrong hands, and be adopted by some South LA “gang-bangers”. I admit it. I’m a sucker when hear tragic tales about dogs, so despite my better judgement, I drove to LA to meet this dog the shelter manager was “saving” for me.

When I first Misty, she was skin and bones, and very skittish. She was dropped off at the shelter in the middle of the night by some “good Samaritan” who almost hit her with his car. She was chipped, but letters and calls to the registered owner were never answered. Poor thing was just abandoned by the previous owner. To make matters worse, she was pregnant. Sadly, they aborted the fetuses and spayed her, but her overall health condition was poor. And of course, I couldn’t leave her there. And so began my relationship with Misty.

I was soon to find out that Misty was unlike any other Doberman I had ever had. Sure she was loving and affectionate like most other Dobermans, but the hyperactivity was just mindboggling. I’d never dealt with that in the many Dobermans I had owned. She was not only hyperactive, but remained skittish as well. I tried several of the canine “calming” products on the market, but to no avail. Nothing seemed to work.

Then about 9 months ago, I started Misty on a high-dose CBD regimen, specifically our k9 capsules. At first, there was some initial improvement, but the real improvement has been steady, over the course of treatment.

What was once a dog that damn near drove you crazy, and freaked out over every little thing has progressively mellowed. She’s more attentive and focused and doesn’t react abnormally to normal stimuli. And it’s not just me who’s noticed. All my friends comment on “how much better Misty is!”

Research tells us that the effects of CBD are cumulative in nature, meaning the longer you use it, the more effective it is. From my own personal experience with Misty, I can definitely say this seems to be true for our canine companions as well.

While we don’t claim that CBD will be the ultimate calming solution for your hyperactive pup, based on my personal experience with Misty, I’d be remiss if I didn’t suggest you give it a try. And not just for a couple weeks or a month; but long enough for the cumulative effects to kick in.

Am I glad I rescued Misty? Well now that she’s “in a calmer state”, I have to definitely say “yes”. And if she could talk, I’m sure she’d say she was glad as well.

with all our best,