A Year of Living Inexorably

Posted by Tom Bauer on Jul 14th 2017

A Year of Living Inexorably

I was looking at our Ecommerce site this week, and noticed something interesting. Exactly one year ago this week, we sold our very first product online! And while it would be a few more months before we had any significant sales volume, that first sale was a milestone.

It reminded me of my very first job in high school as a clothes salesman at Campbell’s Men’s Store in Indianapolis, Indiana. Shortly after I started working there, I asked the owner, Mr. Campbell, about the ragged, worn dollar bill he had framed on the wall of the sales counter. “That, young man” he said “was the very first dollar this shop ever earned. It marks the beginning of new business, a new way of doing things.”

And while times have changed, and actual cash is far less common in commercial transactions, this first ecommerce sale one year ago this week marked the beginning of OUR new business. And it definitely marked a new way of doing things.

You see, for us here at Imbue Botanicals, we just couldn’t do things the same old way as other hemp CBD companies. To use one of my favorite words, with our combined backgrounds, it was INEXORABLE that we would do things vastly different, and by doing that, create better outcomes. The very definition of inexorable…not able to be stopped, alter or resist; inevitable… absolutely applies.

Our combined backgrounds in natural cannabis, hospital and pharmaceutical, graphic design and corporate sales would lead to the development of a wholly-natural product line that is organic, vegan, non-GMO, cruelty-free, gluten-free and made with very limited ingredients…all grown and processed in Colorado under the best conditions possible. And because of all that, the products, in the views of our loyal customers like you, and our own personal experience, absolutely WORK.

So here we are. One year from our very first ecommerce sale. And I must say, things look very exciting for this young company. We’ve expanded into the community pharmacy market, have a growing, well-placed retail presence and continue to see increases in our ecommerce business, much of it through referrals from our existing customers. But most important, if you read our reviews, we are impacting people’s lives, and those of their pets. And frankly, that’s the best first “birthday present” ever!

For all of you who have stood by us, supported us, shared with us your experience with our products, our heartfelt thank you! For as inexorable as this last year has been, we couldn’t have done it without you!!!

with all our best,