And On A More Personal Note….

Posted by Tom Bauer on Nov 7th 2017

And On A More Personal Note….

My CBD Story (A Personal Letter)

Last week, I wrote about the recent study at University of Mississippi that CBD could be an effective replacement for opioid treatment, and provide treatment for pain as well. In addition, the study determined that CBD was effective in blocking the “reward” of opioid and thus may be effective in treating opioid addiction by blocking, or attenuating the rewarding effect of the drugs. The study was conducted by University of Mississippi researchers and published in the journal Planta Medica, on August 9th of this year,and reinforces the findings of several previous studies. The scientists concluded that:

“The finding that cannabidiol blocks opioid reward suggests that this compound may be useful in addiction treatment settings.”

Well, as fate would have it, as I was actually publishing that journal article, I received a call from a very nice woman who told me all about how she had used our CBD capsules to stop using opioids. It wasn’t the first call of that type I received, but I must admit, the timing was uncanny.

It’s not only gratifying to get calls such as this, but it’s humbling as well knowing we’ve perhaps played a small part in helping someone out this issue. I asked Eileen to write me a letter if she could, so I could share with our readers.

Here it is:

Mr. Tom Bauer

im-bue botanicals

October 29, 2017

RE: My CBD Story

"Dear Tom,

Your CBD has changed my life! I used CBD to break an Opioid addiction. I have a neck injury and have used Opioids for pain on and off for several years. While caring for my parents my pain became much worse. My Opioid usage became daily.

I realized I was in trouble. A friend told me about CBD. I substituted a CBD capsule for an Opioid pill gradually and it worked!! I began to feel better. I am very happy to say that I have been Opioid free for the past several months. I know longer suffer from the side effects of Opioids: shaking hands, itching, weight gain, exhaustion and mental fog.

I used a few other brands of CBD and found im-bue botanicals to be much better quality than your competitors. I have written to President Trump regarding the use of CBD as a viable option to address the Opioid Epidemic in our country. I intend to follow-up with Governor Chris Christie who will be heading the committee on the Opioid Epidemic.

Please feel free to use my story to spread the word on the benefits of CBD. Why should people suffer when an effective alternative is available?

Tom, thank you and keep making quality products for us.


Eileen M. Lindbergh"

Of course we all recognize that companies such as ours cannot make claims about our products, and in this case, no claims whatsoever are being made. Yet, as I implored readers at the close of my last journal, if any readers are involved in healthcare initiatives, organizations or other entities capable of influencing the adoption of CBD with respect to this crisis, we’re imploring you to do just that. And let us know how we can help you. Because here at Imbue, our mission is clear. Promote and improve health and wellness in whatever way we can.

with all our best,