​It IS Cannabis, stupid…

Posted by Tom Bauer on Aug 18th 2017

​It IS Cannabis, stupid…

Back during the 1992 Presidential Election, Democratic Strategist James Carville penned these now famous words to keep the Clinton Campaign focused on the message: “it’s the Economy, stupid.” And while originally intended as an internal campaign message only, the phrase became wildly popular and served as a driving slogan for that winning campaign. Simply googling the phrase brings up countless uses and “redeployments” of the original by pundits, politicians and writers alike.

This week, someone posted on our Facebook that “this hemp oil is worthless. Cannabis oil is what you want.” Rather than inciting a Facebook war by answering his post online, we deleted it. But had I answered it, I might very well have channeled those immortal words of James Carville!

While I have written about this before, the errant post made me realize that some people still don’t get it; that they think, somehow that CBD or other cannabinoids refined from hemp are different or inferior to ones derived from marijuana. I assure you, they aren’t. Whether from marijuana OR hemp. Both are refined from Cannabis Sativa, and BOTH produce cannabis oil!

The difference, of course, lies in one particular cannabinoid, THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol…the cannabinoid that produces the “high” associated with marijuana. Marijuana is grown with THC, hemp, by law, must contain 0.3% or less by dry weight of THC. And while THC has its place in the medical marijuana realm to address certain issues, scientists tell us that it’s the CBD or cannabidiol that harbors most of the plants medicinal value. And for most of our patrons (and the population in general) CBD without significant amounts of THC are just fine, thank you very much!

But do let me go one step further. Because our products are refined using our unique, low-temperature, low-pressure extraction method, we preserve the natural cannabinoids and terpenes in addition to CBD, and yes, some of our products contain trace amounts of THC (well below the 0.3% threshold) to truly provide full spectrum benefit.

So for anyone confused over whether our product is cannabis derived, providing outstanding advantages for the user, please reread the article’s title!

with all our best,