Meet Our Jungle Friends!

Posted by Tom Bauer on Dec 20th 2016

Meet Our Jungle Friends!

Recently we’ve been fortunate enough to have our products trialed by Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary which is using our products to help several of their residents. Jungle Friends is one of the largest primate rescues in the country with over 400 monkeys and primates, many of which come to them with severe health and behavioral conditions. Shelley Ladd is one of the benefactors of the Sanctuary, and below is part of a post she put on the Sanctuary’s Facebook page:

As you know, I have been rescuing monkeys for 43 years and currently administer medications at Jungle Friends, 6 days a week. Some have diseases such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes and thyroid issues, others self-mutilate. We are highly committed to treating these issues in our beloved jungle friends and are always looking for safe, effective, natural alternatives to traditional medications.

In October, I was researching CBD oil to use as an alternative to fluoxetine (Prozac).I found a Facebook page "CBD Oil for Pets." I sent a message and immediately received a response from Imbue Botanicals. We spent an hour discussing the needs of our primates. They sent us samples and dosage suggestions. One urgent challenge was treating Samantha. Samantha is the monkey who is responsible for the founding of Jungle Friends by Kari Bagnall. Sweet Samantha was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. We started giving CBD oil within a week after Samantha's surgery. Kari has noticed a new small lump has disappeared and her appetite is back.

We have monkeys that have anxiety and aggression. They are on CBD oil twice a day. Most of these monkeys seem calmer and less aggressive. Two of our elderly monkeys, Puchi and Chiquita, are taking the oil. Their appetites have not only improved but their mobility has as well.

We use the cannabidiol (CBD) oil from Imbue Botanicals. This CBD is refined from 100% organic Colorado hemp, where the product is grown and processed. We have already begun to see promising results, many of which were apparent from the first doses. The monkeys' aggression, agitation and other behavioral issues are seemingly improved. The monkeys are calmer and less stressed.

At im.bue, we’re honored to be involved with such an outstanding organization, and supporting in some small way their exceptional work.

with all our best,