​Nothing More Joyful…

Posted by Tom Bauer on Jan 24th 2017

​Nothing More Joyful…

This past week, our friends at North of Boston Animal Advocacy and Rescue published an internet Newsletter about their experience with our K9 capsules. It was especially heartwarming to read about their dog Benson who seemingly has been granted a “new lease on life” with the addition of our capsules as part of his daily regimen.

The fact that we already have countless stories about how our products have impacted people is amazing, and so gratifying. But frankly, as an animal lover since I was a small child, the fact that we can impact pet lives too gives me goosebumps.

When I was in my early teens, I volunteered at a local veterinary clinic. The doctor, who was just starting this new practice, was only a few years out of vet school. I can still see him lovingly attend to his patients. One day, a family came in with a young cat that had been hit by a car and was suffering with a badly broken leg. The cat belonged to the 2 children, probably 6 and 8 years old, who were both crying over their beloved cat. The family, as I recall, was going through some very tough times and couldn’t afford to pay for the treatment of their cat. The father gave the vet some cash to “put the cat down”, and hurried out the door with 2 crying children.

The vet took the cat back to the treatment area of the hospital, and rather than preparing an injection to euthanize the cat, began to set the broken limb. For 2 weeks, he and I tended to this cat at the clinic. When it was finally able to move around on its own with the leg cast, the vet called the family and confessed what he had done. I’ve never seen more joy than what I witnessed that day when the family came to reclaim their beautiful tabby, free of charge.

I remember the vet telling me “son, there is nothing more joyful in this life than knowing you helped one of God’s creatures. If you learn nothing else while you’re here, learn that.”

With all the wonderful work our friends at North of Boston Animal Advocacy and Rescue do every day, I know this is their belief as well.

We at im.bue botanicals are so glad that, in some small way, we can aid their efforts. And we are also thankful that we have brought some joy to so many other customers and their pets.

To read the newsletter, click the link: petropolisnewssite.simplesite.com

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