We've Improved Our Salve!

Posted by Tom Bauer on Dec 13th 2016

We've Improved Our Salve!

People love our salve! The following comments, taken from our reviews, are pretty typical of what we hear all the time from our customers:

-“I love this cream for my hands and smells great. I will buy again! Great Salve. I will be a return customer.”

We developed this unique salve to help provide topical relief. But we didn’t want just any salve. We wanted one consistent with our product line, so it had to be all natural. We utilized organic grape seed oil and natural beeswax as the base, added an infusion of arnica flowers and essential oils of rosemary and mint. And last but not least, we added our Colorado grown and processed full spectrum hemp CBD oil. And because we wanted an exceptional topical, we made the concentration of our hemp oil very high to deliver 100mg of CBD per fluid ounce, double the strength of our industry-leading lotion.

And people loved it. But we weren’t satisfied. Because we utilize our unique, Full Spectrum oil which is refined directly from our hemp plants and flowers, we ended up incorporating some of the natural plant chlorophyll in our salve, which gave the product a color of pea soup…less attractive than what we were aiming for. And our oil also imparted a more “weedy” aroma than we wanted. But our customers still loved it.

Well I’m happy to report that our development experts have now been able to modify our oil we use in our salves which retains all of the beneficial properties, but contains less chlorophyll and raw plant material. The result? A salve with a mild creamy color where the natural aromas of arnica, rosemary and mint come through… an overall improvement in appearance and aroma, but the same great product effects!

So if you’re already one of our loyal salve customers, we think you’ll really appreciate the improvements. If you haven’t tried our salve, I urge you do so. With the improvements we made, we know you’ll love it.

Oh! And as always, our salve is best applied at room temperature. And while developed for people, we’ve had some customers and veterinarians start to use it for topical applications in the “dog members”of their family. Just something to remember!

with all our best,