Why we say “for those who know…”

Posted by Tom Bauer on Dec 16th 2016

Why we say “for those who know…”

We’ve had many folks ask us “why does im.bue botanicals say it’s for those who know?” It’s simple really. We believe our products and our company have broad appeal with the informed consumer. That’s not to say that folks who are just beginning to explore the benefits of hemp and CBD won’t find us attractive, but for those more well informed, we become the company and product(s) of choice.

As we all know, there is a plethora of information on the internet touting the benefits of hemp and CBD. Simple searches yield countless article and studies in nanoseconds. But being well-informed as it relates to the benefits of hemp and CBD is merely the first step on the road to understanding. You see, all hemp and CBD are not created equally.

When we founded im.bue, we set out not just to build another hemp extract company, but to build it right. We knew the potential perils of creating our products with imported hemp raw materials, and decided early on that we wanted nothing to do with that. Rather, we decided that it was critical to “grow our own”, to be able to oversee the process from seed to consumer, to direct the processing, production and development and NEVER, EVER lose control over what we fondly describe as the “chain of custody”…making sure the product is ALWAYS under our control.

And that’s exactly what we do. But we didn’t stop there. We decided to grow our hemp not just in the US, and not just in Colorado, but in Colorado at “higher” altitudes, 7600 feet above sea level to be precise. Why? Because additional exposure to sunlight is known to increase the concentration of cannabinoids in the growing plant. And we wanted to be sure that our hemp was grown in safe, clean soil, so we made sure to grow our hemp in fields that produce crops for human consumption.

We insisted that our hemp be grown organically without the use of harmful pesticides, and we test our flowers to ensure there is no outside pesticide contamination. We didn’t want genetically-modified organisms, and we made our products Vegan to ensure the broadest acceptance.

We use proprietary low-pressure, low-temperature processing to ensure that we produce a Full Spectrum product, and never a product that is made only with isolate or powdered CBD. We incorporate industry-standard production control methods in our clean room processing facility, and test our products through independent laboratories to ensure quality. Because as most of you know, all of us at im.bue not only sell our fine products, but we use them every day, too. For us, only the best will do. And we rightly assume our customers feel the same.

So while it’s easy to find hemp CBD products, it hasn’t been easy to find high quality, full spectrum, organic products grown right here in the US…until now.

And in the event you didn’t know why we say “for those who know…” before you read this, now YOU know as well!

with all our best,