Subscribe and SAVE/Autoship

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What is the Subscribe and SAVE Program?

Previously known as our Autoship Program, for those individuals who would like to get their products delivered automatically on a certain schedule, this is the program for you! Never worry about forgetting to order again. And never worry about not getting the best deal possible! You decide the product you want, the date you want it sent, the frequency you want it sent, and we do the rest! And what’s better is… we reward you for trusting us with your business with automatic Loyalty Rewards and 7TH ORDER FREE!

Here’s how it works:
  1. Pick the product, or products you would like to get delivered on a schedule.
  2. CLICK THE ACTUAL PRODUCT PICTURE! On the following product page, CHOOSE Product Strength (if required). Under PURCHASE OPTIONS, check SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE. Pick the frequency of delivery (once every two weeks, once a month or once every two months). Under SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS you can select the quantity of products. If you want to add OTHER products, simply click ADD TO CART and repeat the process for those other items. OR if no additional items you can click BUY NOW.
  3. Enter your credit card information, designate billing and shipping addresses. Click PAY NOW
  4. You’re done! Now just sit back and relax and enjoy the perks…
    1. Automatically get 25% off each product in the program
    2. Receive DOUBLE Loyalty Points for every order that can be used outside of the program on any of our products or merchandise
    3. Receive your 7th consecutive order FREE!
    4. You can still take advantage of our sales simply by PAUSING your subscription!
Can I skip, pause or cancel my product subscription?

To skip, pause or cancel, you can manage yourself by clicking on MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS…OR SIMPLY call us at 844-864-6283 ext. 707, or email us at 

When is my subscription order processed?

In the monthly programs (every 1 month or 2 months) each order will be processed when you sign up for the program.

How do I update or change my payment method?

Simply do so under MANAGE SUBSCRITIONS

How is shipping handled?

We ship each order within one day of successfully processing, typically the same day, by USPSAs always, shipping is free!

 My 7th order is Free?

Yes. PERHAPS BEST OF ALL…after 6 consecutive orders in our subscription plan, we automatically give you the 7th order absolutely free as our thank you for your business and staying with the auto-ship program.  After that, continue to receive 25% off and double loyalty points for as long as you are subscribed. There’s nothing you need to do; it will be automatic. To qualify, just simply keep your program active without canceling, pausing, or skipping orders. It’s that simple.

Can I pause one product while keeping the others going?

Yes. Each product acts independently in the program, so you can easily skip, pause or cancel one item without it affecting any other items in the auto-ship program.

Additional Terms & Conditions

Does not combine other promotions, discounts or limited time offerings.

To qualify for 7th product free, subscription orders must maintain active status for 6 consecutive orders