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"RELIEF AT LAST....I have fibromyalgia and experience pain and tingling in my neck and arm. The salve helps to reduce the pain and tingling. I apply the salve in the evening before I go to bed and, at times, I also apply the salve in the morning. I recommend this product highly and without any reservations." 

Posted By: Linda Feinberg  – November 26, 2018- Regarding 400 MG 4 Oz Salve


"Rheumatoid Arthritis CBD ankylosing spondylitis.... Wow, first off I do have to say how amazing the service is with this company. All I have to say is within a day (because pain was so severe for my boyfriend) these gave him back his ability to live life again. They had recommended me to get the salve and I said no only because I didn’t think my boyfriend would let me use it on his muscles. These guys still were so kind and told me to take a sample. Well I did and oh my gosh, I’m buying it with my second bottle of these capsules. I wish you all would know these work. His pain was so bad he couldn’t make it out of bed. Because of these pills they provide an altogether well being. The pain was so chronic and servere. I hope this helps. 

 Posted By: Carissa Jones  – November 18, 2018- Health 25MG Premium CBD Capsules


"K9 40 MG Tincture....My dog Max has been on the 40 mg tincture for over a month to  deal with severe pancreas enzyme insufficiency. I have written a review about Max's remarkable progress. Max's sister, from the same litter, is Molly. They are 15 years old. Molly suffers from severe arthritis and wears a brace on her back leg and a wrap on her elbow. None of the medications Molly was taking helped with Molly's pain or helped with improving her gait. Two weeks ago, I tried the CBD oil to ascertain whether this would help her arthritis by reducing the pain and helping Molly walk. Over the past two weeks, Molly has made great progress. While she still has problems walking, her gait has improved and the pain appears to have gone away. I want to thank IMBU for their wonderful products and amazing customer service."
Posted by: Linda Feinberg - October 19, 2018 K9 Comfort for Dogs 40MG Tincture 1 oz.



I suppose it is somehow appropriate that I am writing this email right now. I have been on 4 Imbue 25 mg capsules a day for 2 months and I just ran out. I have done this very same thing before several times over the past 3/4 of a year. Each time I experience the same slide back into discomforting symptoms. It is odd and fascinating to be my own case study, of sorts. 

To back up a bit, I had a baby a little over a year ago in June. By fall of last year I realized I was not ok. I had become deeply depressed and anxious, more so than I had ever been before in my life. That says a lot, as I had clinical depression as a teen, which at the time was bad enough. 

Post partum depression and anxiety put that all to pale. I felt unstable. I was having violent visions all day long, seeing myself dead in a host of scenarios. I did not want to leave the house for fear of having someone I knew ask me how I was doing and then thinking I would potentially proceed to break down in public even though I had a cute, sweet baby. I was isolating myself and not improving. 

I was blessed enough to be gifted Imbue capsules in October by Danny. I began trying them, 25-50mg in a day, initially. Within 24 hours, the uncontrolled violent visions I was having subsided with no effort on my part to control or redirect my thoughts. 

I began to feel more at ease and find myself able to call friends to ask for help and go out to the store with more confidence over the course of the first couple weeks. After almost a month, I had figured out that a little helped some and more helped a lot more. I had worked up to 100mg a day, twice a day 50mg doses and found that I actually had moments where I felt good, not just on the edge of maintaining normalcy. I tried to stay at that dose. 

I had stopped working before my baby was born and I had not resumed, due to my state of anxiety. This put our family under a significant financial strain, and I found it hard to maintain 25mg capsules in stock. Thus, several times, as I scrambled to get other bills paid and have enough extra to buy my medicine, I have lapsed, once as long as a month. I find each time I am not taking Imbue that my violent thoughts return, sometimes within days. I feel more tense within hours of missing a 50mg dose and am noticeably less able to have calm and patience, which is externally verified by my partner each time. 

I have, in my desperation, tried other companies that are stocked locally in stores or gifted through local friends who have extra. I find isolates do nothing for me, and that other "full-spectrum" companies that I have tried don't give me nearly as much improvement, even with a higher dosage. 

Each time I am fortunate enough to get back on Imbue, I notice immediate improvement. Each time that distressing visions have returned when I have no medicine, when I get back on Imbue they stop within the first 12-24 hours. Each time I resume taking Imbue, I feel more able to function immediately, and progressively better. At around a month and a half of consistent dosing, I start to notice I feel pretty well, and could maybe think of going back to work. 

Due to circumstance and finances, I have not managed to be 100% consistent for more than 2 months at a time thus far. I am aiming for that as soon as I can make it happen. I have hope I will feel really normal again one day! 

Thank you for making this very effective medicine!

And thank you for extending a hand to those of us that struggle to afford the cost, but know the real value of this very special CBD. Without your low income program, and extra discounts that have popped up along the way, financing this life-saving medicine would be entirely out of my reach. 

From someone who thought they might never be ok again, and who now can see that feeling myself again is within reach,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Nicole Karluk" 

Sent in By: Nichole Karluk – July 14, 2018 - Regarding 25mg capsules
WORKED WONDERS! - This product has worked wonders for our family. My husband has unusually advanced and aggressive (this is usually not one of the aggressive fast moving cancers) Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and this has provided tremendous ease in calming his GI related cancer issues that allowed him to eat more and comfortably. It also lowered swelling in his vastly oversized lymph nodes all over his body. The doctor’s were surprised as this is typically not the kind of swelling that goes down. While his WBC (white blood cell count) didn’t change, the swelling of his nodes going down a bit eased his pain significantly. In my husband’s case, due to it’s severity, I doubled his dose to 2 pills to take 50 mg every everning. We are very grateful for the ease and gentleness this product has help bring in to our lives at a very difficult juncture.

Posted By: Rivky Spivak – January 31, 2018 - Regarding 25mg capsules

HEALTH BENEFITS OF CDB CAPSULES - For several years, I've had medical procedures for the repair and replacement of a severed cartilage in my left foot. First, I tried using my own stem cells. When that didn’t work, I had a donor cartilage that replace the severed cartilage. I still had a big hole between my talus and tibia bones. As a last resort, I had an ankle joint replacement, called ankle arthroplasty. With each treatment, the muscles around my leg and ankle became weaker. I continued to experience a lot of pain when walking. I tried Cymbalta, Advil and Tylenol and none of these worked. I decided to try CBD. The first week I saw some improvement. I was able to walk with less pain, but I was still favoring my foot. After the second week I was able to walk normal. It took me awhile to stop favoring my left foot, from fear of hurting myself. Now, I don’t even think about it. I can walk up and down stairs and on rough surfaces without pain. I even exercise on treadmills and other nordic equipment. I can only attribute this to CBD. I think this is a miracle! There’s no other explanation for this.

Posted By: Vivianna – December 7, 2017 - Regarding 25mg capsules


"CBD LOTION BY IM-BUE ... IM-BUE carries some of my very favorite CBD products which I use and sell. This lotion is a must-have in my opinion. It's an excellent way to get the CBD into your body and leaves my skin smelling and feeling fantastic. I personally start every day with an Aloe Vera base on my skin as it's something I've done since I was a teenager and swear by. Now I do so and add this lotion and saw a noticeable change in my skin and the elasticity of it. I always get this size bottle so I can slather some on my husband and daughters when they come home. Mostly my husband though. I would love to see more men adopt a CBD topical into their daily routine. This and the IM-BUE face cream are the two I use for myself and for my husband. It leaves a luscious feeling and not greasy or pore clogging. I do and would refer anyone and everyone to this lotion. It's fantastic!!!" 

Sent in By: Sarah Wilfrey – October 17, 2017 - Regarding em·body lotion

"Thank you!!

Kasey is doing better and she is slowly getting around the yard more & climbing back on the couch.

I'm not looking for this to cure her bone cancer, but make her last days more enjoyable." 

Mailed to us By: Annette – October 19, 2017 - Regarding k9comfort 10mg capsules


"WAS SCEPTICAL... Until i had tried it myself. I work long days standing on my feet and at the end of the day my feet, legs, and back are all upset and unhappy. It is almost instant, when applied, to when i start to feel relief. I started off just using it after work on my feet and neck, but i had read some reviews about slathering yourself directly out of the shower for the best results. Do that! Boy does it make a difference! I get to sleep much easier (as in that I don't lay around for hours in pain), which has made a huge improvement in my daily life. I don't have that early stiffness, if I put it on after that previous nights shower. It even seems to have made me happier during the day too (going to credit it for its pain use again), people have acknowledged the difference in me. They like to ask what workout I started that is giving me all the extra 'pep' in my step, and are beyond surprised to find out its lotion! If you're still reading this, stop and buy a little bottle. This is the real deal, you will not regret it!" 

Sent in By: Austin – September 26, 2017 - Regarding em·body lotion





"We have had wonderful results on healing my 8-year-old Yorkie Tahlulah's wound with the Imbue CBD Salve. She has had it for 9 months and nothing else I tried worked!!

Lulah had a tiny hole on the top of her snout, and it would drain pus all the time, which would harden and make a huge blob on her face. The air wasn’t getting to the skin, and it was making it leathery looking around the wound. It was awful! I did all my other tricks and FINALLY I just did the Imbue Salve and nothing else. AND she gets the K9comfort drops every day - 3-4 drops for her 7 pounds. She is less timid too - she jumps up ON the couch instead of hiding UNDER it!!

WHAT A RELIEF!! Lulah is so happy to have her beautiful nose back!"

Sent in By: Maggie – August 27, 2017 - Regarding em·body salve and k9comfort tincture


"Now that I've been using  "im•bue" CBD products for half of a year, I feel like I can truly attest to the quality of their products. Coming from a cannabis friendly background, I was quick to look to the healing potential of CBD when I fell victim to a fire in my home. Being a burn survivor, I live with 50% of my body being grafted, which means skin has been transplanted from other parts of my body to replace damaged tissue that was excised after the accident. I have been using im•bue's CBD lotion as well as the salve on my donor sites as well as on my scars. Using the lotion, which soaks very well into the donor site skin, my itching and redness are really diminished. Scars that have formed from me itching these very uncomfortable spots are even starting to diminish. I have been using the salve on the back of my hand on a very visible scar and it has started to fade as well. I can only imagine what these products will do for my comfort and the visibility of my scar in the long term! Thank you so much for making such a great product!" 

Sent in By: Jason Jaques – August 06, 2017 - Regarding em·body lotion and salve
"You gotta check this out! One week and my Psoriasis is doing amazing:
One on the left is TODAY and the one on the right when i started!"
Sent in By: Ryan Lohmann – July 17, 2017 - Regarding em·body salve
UPDATED: "this stuff is amazing! I am so glad to have found Imbue Botanicals. I am a U.S. Military Veteran that had to leave service early due to me getting this ugly disease after returning from Korea. Had this been available during my service I could of finished my commitment to this county. My personal opinion is the VA needs to get on this ASAP! I am now a believer that this stuff is pure magic! I ordered the lotion and within a week the change in my Psoriasis was dramatic!!! No more pain, no more itch and the inflammation is going away. I can't thank you enough for this stuff."
Sent in By: Ryan Lohmann – July 15, 2017 
 "Wow! Where do I even start?? Imbue has been a GAME CHANGER for me!! I started taking the 25mg capsules about three months ago. A couple months prior to that, I came off prescription medication I had been taking for anxiety. Although I was able to get off the medication by myself… I wish I had begun taking CBD sooner!! 
As soon as I started taking the 25mg CBD capsules, I felt so much more confident, energized and capable! I was able to go out with friends without experiencing intense anxiety or stress. I felt more confident in my work and I started speaking up for myself more. 
As someone who has dealt with depression off and on for 10+ years, has tried several anti-depressants and anxiety medications… I have never experienced results as life changing as the ones I have experienced from Imbue. Although I do have some hard days here and there, they are nothing close to the extreme depressive episodes I experienced before. Imbue 25mg capsules really help to elevate my mood and keep me in a more positive state. 
Thank you for creating this wonderful product!!"
Posted By: Ashley Carvahlo – June 21, 2017 - Regarding 25mg capsules


"Amazing stuff - I fostered Hurley, a lab mix, in 2011 and soon realized how his previous owner got tired of him. This dog is very loving but has issues - fence jumping, anxiety over sprinklers, lighting, fireworks, and separation. Fast forward to 2017 and I hear about cbd oil, and decide to give it a try. After a couple of days, Hurley is a different dog - he's calm and doesn't jump the fence, will calmly sit when I leave, and ignores loud noises. We had some severe thunderstorms last night with nearby lighting strikes, and Hurley just sat on the couch with me and then rolled over for a belly rub. He used to be cowering and trying to dig an escape tunnel. If your dog has anxieties like Hurley, you need to try this."

Posted By: Steve – May 21, 2017 - Regarding k9comfort tincture for dogs


"LOVE THIS!!!! - I am bi-polar and have many health issues. This product has been a game changer for me. You need to take it daily. This seems to work best on a build up of about 30 days. My husband even started to take it for his back pain and he wont go with out it again. This is a must buy monthly!!!"

Posted By: Kim – April 13, 2017 - Regarding 10mg capsules


"I'm 5 months past my last cordazone shots in both my hips. Have been taking 1 a day since one week after last shots. I am over the moon with no pain. Thank you!"

Posted By: Nina – March 26, 2017 - Regarding 5mg capsules


 "Back in late October, my 14 y/o male pit mix got very sick. One day, he had been a little lethargic on our hike but was otherwise completely normal. The next morning, he woke up, ate breakfast and promptly projectile vomited it back up. This went on for 3 days. I put him on super mild food, to no avail. He didn't want to walk and he had dropped about 10 pounds. I took him to my vet on the 3rd night and the vet ran a number of tests which established that he had pancreatitis and that there was a hole in a tumor in his chest that was leaking fluid into his chest cavity. She said that it was very unlikely that he would be with us through the weekend and that we should start making arrangements. I called Dan, who happens to be a close friend just to let him know what was going on and he sent me a bottle of CBD oil and told me to give him a capsule daily and that it would help with his pain at the very least. So I did. It is now the end of February and Astro is better than ever. He takes CBD once a day with breakfast and gets happy feet over his hikes and lives for his meals and couch cuddles. 2 weeks ago, the vet checked in with us to see what happened with him as she hadn't heard from us. She was so baffled when I told her he is happy and healthy and going for hikes that she insisted he come in for a free check up because she was genuinely curious as to how he was still alive. We took him in and she ran blood tests and checked his heart and found that the pancreatitis and fluid build up had both gone. Befuddled, she sent him home with a clean bill of health. I don't know if it was the CBD oil, my homemade diet, or Astros sheer will to not leave me to deal with the new presidency alone, but he will be taking his CBD every day until he's no longer with me. And it's a double benefit because when I have a panic attack, we take it together!"

Posted By: E.J. Duff-Berger – February 22, 2017


 “Baby's skin is improving with a special bath routine, food allergy elimination but where the em·body salve has come into play: I haven't needed to use a topical steriod, hydrocortisone, oral antihistamine, or anti itch lotion in about 48 hours! Thank you”


UPDATED: "Game changer for us was adding the em·body salve to our daily regimen! It's been a miracle. We have struggled so badly with her skin and finding this answer has not only healed her skin but also healed my broken heart. To see your baby suffer and not be able to do anything about it is distressing and depressing. Today she had an unforeseen flare up, got really itchy and inconsolable: she had a sample at Costco and it had soybean oil in it (ew) so we may be eliminating soy more intentionally. We already don't eat soy but haven't been strict about secondary or hidden ingredients. The CBD Oil salve stopped the itch, stopped the screaming, stopped the inflammation and returned her skin back to its {almost} healed blushing color. I'm so grateful I found this product!"

Sent in By: Erika – January 4, 2017


 “CBD truly works miracles!! The vet put my boxer on barbiturates for his seizures, but the side effects were horrible and the seizures kept coming. He's now been seizure free for the 2 weeks that he's been taking 1 capsule daily. I'm so grateful to have my healthy, happy boy back! Thank you so much!!”

Posted By: Jess Odin – November 16, 2016


“The first night I was nervous about giving it to our 50lb. dog Piper. My husband though wanted her to try it right away as she is so anxious and licks us all the time and cannot lie still. It was wonderful. She was able to lie down on the bed with us and not licks all the time and was able to just be pet. She was not out of it, as she still got up to drink water and play with the other dogs, just in a calmer far we love this and it makes it so much easier to spend quality time with her now.

Posted By: Susan Daleymple – November 1, 2016


“We are a rescue, advocacy and humane education organization located in the Northeast United States. We are very impressed with quality of the product, it's organically grown, vegan product that is grown, sourced and manufactured in Colorado, United States. In choosing this product line and company our demands for a product specifically for canines and felines were very high. Many companies get their source from overseas and are not organically grown. We were very happy to start seeing improvement in our seniors and those diagnosed with other illnesses. We're very pleased with the product thus far, and hope to continue seeing more products offered from IM-BUE for both people and companion animals.

Posted By: North of Boston Animal Rescue and Humane Education Society – October 26, 2016


“I recently purchased a bottle of K9komfort or my epileptic dog. For the past year we've been in and out of the vet trying to find a combination of meds to balance him out since he'd been seizing nearly every day since we got him. Nothing seemed to work, in fact some pharmaceuticals actually worsened his condition. A few ago one of the sales reps for the company who is a good friend of mine suggested I try CBD oil instead; dogs seizures have decreased by 90% within 3 weeks and he is a much happier, healthier dog. I would definitely recommend this product and I back it 100%”

Posted by: Grace – October 20, 2016


“As an avid runner, I look to nutritional products to help recovery time from long distance runs. Since incorporating the Health tincture, I've noticed I recover faster after long/intense runs and workouts. Highly recommended for athletes!”

Posted by: Lauren – October 15, 2016 


“Embody lotion has cleared up a spot of psoriasis I've been struggling with for almost a year now in less than a week of application.  It makes an amazing and healing massage lotion as well for my back and hip where I've had regular problems with sciatic nerve pain.  I can't wait to share these products with more of my friends.  I know they will help with so many things!  Thank you imbue”

Posted by: Brent – October 10, 2016


“I love this cream for my hands and smells great. I will buy again!

“Great Salve. I will be a return customer. Those coupon codes were so awesome!!

Posted by: Alf – October 9, 2016


“I am on the 2nd bottle of K9Comfort for my amazing 14 year old Cavalier, Skippy. He has been having some kind of seizures late at night early in the morning multiple times per month. I give him 10-12 drops of K9 comfort on his food twice per day. It has lessened the frequency, intensity and episode length substantially. He has been on K9 Comfort for over a month and "knock on wood" has only had one mild one. Thank you for offering a product with our beloved pets in mind.”

Posted by: Tammi Brown – October 6, 2016


“I tried imbue CBD capsules after going through an immensely painful wisdom tooth extraction. Some people heal fast and don't go through a lot of pain, in my case I had a much more difficult procedure due to the nerve in my jaw bone being intertwined with the bottom of my wisdom teeth. To even get them out part of my jaw had to be cutoff since there was bone growth over them as well. Even though I was given a prescription painkiller it did literally nothing to take away the throbbing pain I had. These imbue CBD capsules were like the Holy Grail to me in my time of need. After the opiate painkiller failed to do literally anything for me I started taking the capsules to compare the results and also was just hoping for some relief. I am so happy I purchased these capsules because they took the throbbing pain away shortly after ingesting just one capsule. The acute sharp feeling that was constant after this procedure would come to a complete halt and gave me hours of tremendous relief after I took a CBD cap. If you are in pain, or know you might be from some type of procedure in the near future, you will thank your past self for ordering them in time.

Posted by: John Corey – September 23, 2016


“After one week, a noticeable improvement in anxiety and agitation. If only I knew about CBDs earlier. If you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s, I urge you to try these immediately.... It’s really the only natural hope for an ease and hopefully a cure to this awful disease. Thanks to the high quality CBDs by imbue botanicals... I’ll be trying the salve next!!!”

Posted By: Ronda – September 20, 2016


“These CBD capsules work almost immediately.... The anxiety and distress level of my 79 year old brother who has mid stages AD, has shown marked improvement in his mood level.... it even seems to aid in providing a more restful sleep..... Thanks Dan and Paul for your personal expertise and assistance. I will continue to order the 25mg CBDs... Thanks again... You are angels”

Posted By: Ronda – September 3, 2016


“I've never tried a hemp product so I didn't know what to expect. Very happy the taste is very nice. Fast shipping, nicely boxed. I would order this again! My only suggestion is to make the label on the bottle water proof. I'd dripped some down the side and rinsed the bottle to clean it and ink came off the label and onto my hands.

Posted By: Lori – August 11, 2016


“I got these CBD capsules for help with pain relief after I had 3 wisdom teeth removed with a lengthy and very painful procedure. I must say it’s truly impressive how much it helped with the inflammation and throbbing in my face after the surgery, to a level that a Tylenol or other over the counter product has never achieved for me. If you want something that works, this is it.

Posted By: John Corey – July 20, 2016