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Functional Mushrooms. The perfect CBD Companion

And why it’s a great addition to your health regimen!  You’ve probably seen some information on functional mushrooms and may have wondered “Is this something I should try?” So here...

And why it’s a great addition to your health regimen!

 You’ve probably seen some information on functional mushrooms and may have wondered “Is this something I should try?” So here is a bit more information on this important addition to health and wellness.

What are Functional Mushrooms?

Used in traditional medicine for centuries, mushrooms are proven effective in addressing a whole host of maladies and improving the quality of life. Now they are gaining huge popularity as wellness supplement products In fact, the global functional mushroom market is expected to grow to over $ 19 billion by 2030.

There are whole host of mushrooms. Some are poisonous, others create exceptional culinary experiences, but others are renown for their ability to provide certain health benefits. And these are called functional mushrooms.

The key to the health and wellness benefits lies in the fact that functional mushrooms (along with some other plants) contain adaptogens. Adaptogens are plants and mushrooms that help your body respond to stress, anxiety, fatigue and overall wellbeing. Growing research shows that adaptogens help the body regulate in many ways, including improving mood, balancing hormones, fighting fatigue and boosting the immune system. Some of the most well-known adaptogenic (i.e. functional) mushroom varieties are lion’s mane, chaga, reishi, cordyceps, and turkey tail.

Functional Mushrooms Reimagined. Our 5 Matrix Blend was designed to complement and enhance Imbue CBD

Our 5 Matrix Blend is truly an exceptional mushroom supplement. The result of a liquid extraction methodology that captures more of the health supporting compounds, our 5 Matrix Blend is the perfect complement to our CBD products to vastly improve overall health and wellness.

 We’ve made getting the benefits of mushrooms easy! We selected 5 of the most potent, most recognized strains and combined them into one, highly effective capsule. Perfect for those customers looking to get all the benefits mushrooms have to offer in one simple capsule. Conveniently packaged in vegan capsules, 60 capsules per bottle.

 Just One Dose of our 5 MATRIX BLEND has the equivalent of:

  • 500 mg Turkey Tail
  • 500 mg Chaga
  • 500 mg Reishi
  • 500 mg Lion’s Mane
  • 500 mg Cordyceps

 What do they do?

So what can Functional Mushrooms do for you? Here’s an overview of the health benefits of these mushrooms:

  • Lions Mane… These mushrooms are well-known for their ability to positively influence brain health thanks to their neurotrophic properties. Lion’s mane is also associated with reducing inflammation in the brain, thus providing neuroprotective benefits. Plus it’s loaded with beta-glucan, a type of fiber shown to support gut, immune, and metabolic health
  • Chaga… One review of the current evidence on the chaga mushroom found it to be an excellent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and cholesterol-lowering agent. This research group found evidence suggesting chaga to be a potentially effective treatment for type 2 diabetes. Plus it can help with overall gut health.
  • Reishi… Sometimes coined as the mushroom of immortality, his fungus has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine, believed to promote overall health and longevity. One review of the evidence published in 2021 found this mushroom to have therapeutic benefits for bodily inflammation, diabetes, heart disease, neurological disorders, mood disorders, and liver disease.
  • Cordyceps… Data show that cordyceps mushrooms may have positive impacts on respiratory health, blood sugar regulation, kidney disease, and overall bodily inflammation. It also may help reduce exercise fatigue and aid in recovery.
  • Turkey Tail… Evidence shows that turkey tail is a nonspecific immune modulator, meaning that it generally boosts the entire immune system across the board as an antioxidant and helps to reduce bodily inflammation.

Our 5 MATRIX BLEND is a perfect addition for your health and wellness regimen. Try some today!


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