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Interesting Insight From a Previous CBD Skeptic

Original Publish Date - September 26th 2018 Seeing is Believing with CBD The article below is from one of our clinical partners. Clearly, neither she nor the company are making any claims...

Original Publish Date - September 26th 2018

Seeing is Believing with CBD

The article below is from one of our clinical partners. Clearly, neither she nor the company are making any claims as to our products, nor the products mentioned in the article. Nonetheless, we thought it was most interesting to share her CBD journey. Thank you, Jeanette, for sharing!

"For the past 35 years, I’ve been a nurse and worked in different fields of the healing arts. I’ve studied complimentary medicine and gained great insight. I’ve concluded that the most important factor of health and healing is being OPEN MINDED.

When I was introduced to CBD oil and heard the claims and miracle stories, I had my reserve and questioned it as any scientifically trained mind would.

My story: The diagnosis and prognosis I was given in 2013 was: 2 fractured vertebrae in the lower neck with 2 herniated & degenerating discs.

I was given a life sentence by my doctors, and told I would have a life of pain and my only hope of relief would be injections every 3-6 months, and narcotic oral and topical pain management. The dosages would continue to increase as time when on. Needless to say I wasn’t willing to become a slave to any addictive substance - oral, topical, OR injected!

I’ve suffered from the chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain for 5 years, with a constant contracted muscle tension that fluctuates by degrees as my activities vary.

Before getting in the car for a drive from Sedona to Santa Barbara, Maggie applied the Imbue Botanical’s salve to my neck and shoulders. She massaged it in and within minutes the tension and pain began to subside. I instantly became a believer in the CBD MIRACLES!

I drove home and began research to see why this CBD oil works so well. To my amazement it creates homeostasis (PERFECT BALANCE) within every system of the mammalian body, seeming to go to the most out-of-balance system first. Then it makes its way to each system and helps to create balance in each one - whichever needs it the most (circulatory system, digestive system, endocrine system, lymphatic system, muscular and nervous system - you name it!)

Now for the “Miracles” that Imbue Botanicals products have brought to my family and friends:

  • My son’s depression lifted and his energy returned.
  • My daughter’s anxiety went away; energy and creativity increased; and her eczema cleared within days!
  • My granddaughter healed from a 2nd degree burn within 3 days.
  • A friend with extreme sciatica who had a surgery scheduled and no feeling in his leg - he applied the salve before bedtime and he had feeling in his leg the next morning! He cancelled his surgery!
  • A friend with a drinking problem cut his drinking by 2/3 just by taking a Health 25 capsule 1X a day.
  • A friend’s longtime back pain subsided within minutes of applying the salve.
  • My granddaughter’s severe acne almost diminished within 3 days of applying the salve.
  • Menstrual cramps have gone away by applying the lotion or the salve to the abdomen.
  • My old bone and muscle injuries that have continued to linger now are gone.
  • My headaches went away and I have a higher energy level with an overall feeling of wellness.

This list continues to grow as I continue to share all of Imbue Botanicals’ product line!

Thank you for taking the time and energy to create a truly superior CBD oil product!"


with all our best,



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