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Plant-Based Therapy vs. Pharmaceuticals. A Senior Moment

I’m 67 years old and a “senior”. I’m also an avid supporter of cannabis-type products for better health. So when I came across an article on CNN by Dr. Sanjay...

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Study Finds CBD Effective in Treating Heroin Addiction

A huge step forward… NOTE: Nothing in this section should be taken as a claim about the effects of any of our particular products. No claims are being made as...

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CBD Oil Effects: Make An Informed Decision

CBD Oil Effects CBD oil is becoming a ubiquitous product and you may be wondering why. You may also be wondering, “what exactly does CBD do?” Here is a primer...

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CBD Oil for Pain: What Is Known

CBD Oil for Pain NOTE: Nothing in this section should be taken as a claim about the effects of any of our particular products. No claims are being made as...

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Interesting Insight From a Previous CBD Skeptic

Original Publish Date - September 26th 2018 Seeing is Believing with CBD The article below is from one of our clinical partners. Clearly, neither she nor the company are making any claims...

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Communities Partnering with Imbue to Address Opioid Crisis

Original Publish Date - January 26th 2018 We’ve written on this topic before. Now our Arizona Representative describes what’s happening in her State, and how we might be able to help! Hope...

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And On A More Personal Note….

Original Publish Date - November 7th 2017 My CBD Story (A Personal Letter) Last week, I wrote about the recent study at University of Mississippi that CBD could be an effective replacement for opioid treatment, and provide...

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A Crisis of Unmitigated Proportion

Original Publish Date - October 27th 2017 An Epidemic Out of Control As a person involved intimately with the healthcare field for more than 25 years, I had hoped that the words...

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