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IS CBD From Marijuana Plants Really Better?

Original Publish Date - December 26th 2016 A few years ago, I made a sales call on a local marijuana dispensary. I presented our product line to one of the...

Original Publish Date - December 26th 2016

A few years ago, I made a sales call on a local marijuana dispensary. I presented our product line to one of the management staff who was quite taken with the overall look and product quality. But then he said to me “Look. I gotta be honest. Your product line looks great, but products made from hemp just aren’t as good as products made from marijuana”.

Is he right? This seems to be a perception held not only by this young man, but promulgated by a host of so-called ‘experts” in the marijuana industry. The short answer is an emphatic “NO”.

Allow me to explain. First, one must understand that hemp, along with its “cousin”, the modern marijuana plant, are both nearly identical genetically, and are the same genus of plant…the only difference being in the amount of THC propagated in the plants themselves. Industrial hemp, by definition, has less than 0.3% THC by dry weight. Plants grown as marijuana have significantly greater. One study from Colorado showed that average marijuana plant currently cultivated in Colorado contains 18.7% THC.

And THC AND CBD, whether from hemp or marijuana plants are the identical chemical compounds. Period. End of discussion. Simply because CBD is refined from marijuana doesn’t make it better. It’s a fallacy and a chemical impossibility. The chemical molecules are identical. What is different is the amount of CBD and THC in the plants themselves. You see, marijuana plants are cultivated to contain high levels of THC and low levels of CBD (CBD actually can “interfere” with the desired THC “high”), while hemp cultivars are grown to be naturally low in THC and high in CBD and other vital cannabinoids.

While you can isolate CBD from marijuana plants, you have to remove the THC, usually through the process of heating the oil. This “heating” process can lead to damage of other cannabinoids and create a less-optimal product. And while THC does provide some limited benefits (that’s a discussion for another time), for the vast majority of people looking to improve their health, it’s the CBD and other cannabinoids that really pack the punch. Let’s face it…while some folks do want the “high” associated with THC, our customers, and those generally in the market for CBD don’t!

But while CBD from hemp and marijuana is created equally, not all hemp is. At Imbue, we utilize only organically grown Colorado hemp, specifically grown to be high in CBD and extremely low in THC. We grow in fields used for human-consumable crops, and most important, we grow at high altitudes to maximize sun exposure, which can increase the amount of cannabinoids. Finally, we process our hemp using low temperature and low pressure to preserve the natural plant qualities.

So while chemically CBD is CBD is CBD, whether from marijuana or hemp, there are other factors one should consider in selecting a CBD product, such as those above. At Imbue, we like to say “for those who know…” And those who DO know, not only know that CBD from hemp is as good as CBD from marijuana, but they also understand the importance growing and processing play in producing a superior product. That’s why our customers choose Imbue. And that’s why you should too!

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