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New Study Shows Cannabidiol Products Safe for Dogs

This study, heralded by the U S Hemp roundtable, shows that CBD products are safe for canines, even at a relatively high level of 5 mg per kilogram. This clearly...

This study, heralded by the U S Hemp roundtable, shows that CBD products are safe for canines, even at a relatively high level of 5 mg per kilogram. This clearly confirms our own experience with CBD and dogs. Many of you may recall our dog Misty and the fact that she has been on 50 mg of CBD daily for nearly 8 years. It’s been a huge benefit for her…and us.

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Thanks to the US Hemp Roundtable for disseminating this information…


In a groundbreaking advancement for pet wellness, U.S. Hemp Roundtable Advocacy Partner, the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), has announced the publication of a pioneering safety study exploring the use of cannabidiol (CBD) products for healthy dogs. Recently showcased in Frontiers in Veterinary Science, this study represents a significant stride in comprehending the safety and efficacy of CBD in promoting canine health.

This groundbreaking study, the first of its kind, delved into the effects of various cannabinoids on both male and female dogs over a 90-day duration, followed by a 14-day recovery phase. The results indicate that CBD products are well-tolerated by dogs at a dosage of 5mg/kg of body weight per day, with no notable risks observed during prolonged use.

Bill Bookout, President of NASC, underlined the significance of these findings, stating, "These data demonstrate that different cannabidiols are safe for long-term use in healthy dogs when given at the dose studied." Notably, the study's comprehensive approach integrated not only a meticulously controlled study protocol but also a decade's worth of post-market surveillance data from the NASC Adverse Event Reporting Database (NAERS®), rendering it one of the most extensive studies of its kind.

The pivotal study enrolled 32 healthy beagle dogs, categorized into four treatment groups, including a placebo control group. Dogs were administered various CBD formulations, encompassing broad-spectrum CBD, CBD with cannabigerol (CBG), and CBD with cannabidiolic acid (CBDA). Encouragingly, all animals completed the study, affirming the tolerability of CBD across different formulations.

Acknowledging the collaborative effort behind the study, Bookout expressed gratitude to the NASC Board of Directors, members, retailers, veterinarians, and study co-authors for their invaluable contributions. Special recognition was extended to Margitta Dziwenka, Kaiti Valm, Jennifer Kovacs-Nolan, and Dr. Joseph J. Wakshlag of the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine for their support and expertise.

k9 comfort plus CBD tincture for dogs

For those keen on exploring the study further, the complete publication, inclusive of references and supplementary material, is available for review HERE. This significant milestone underscores NASC's unwavering dedication to promoting the health and well-being of companion animals while upholding the integrity of the animal health supplement industry.


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