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Novel New Study Confirms CBD’s Effect on Anxiety

NOTE: Nothing in this section should be taken as a claim about the effects of any of our particular products. No claims are being made as to the use of...

NOTE: Nothing in this section should be taken as a claim about the effects of any of our particular products. No claims are being made as to the use of any of our products and none should be inferred. We simply find this evidence to be interesting and hope it may help customers make more informed decisions.

A recently published study from a team of researchers at the University of Colorado, Boulder, tested the effects of CBD and THC-rich cannabis to see how different combinations impacted tension and anxiety in the study participants. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illnesses in the U.S. and affects over 40 million adults, or 19.1% of the population. In other words, anxiety is a very significant health issue.

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While the study used “legal cannabis” … think marijuana… its application to hemp-derived CBD and THC is unquestionable. The team recruited some 300 study participants and divided them in 4 groups:

  •  THC-dominant strain, with 24 percent THC and less than 1 percent CBD
  • Strain with THC and CBD in equal parts (12 percent)
  • CBD-dominant strain, with less than 1 percent THC, and 24 percent CBD
  • No marijuana used for the study (baseline or “placebo” group)

While all study participants reported some decrease in anxiety by the end of the study, participants using higher CBD content reported far greater reductions in anxiety levels while those with higher levels of THC reported feelings of paranoia.

"The short-term effects were very clear: CBD was associated with tension and anxiety relief with limited harm," says neuroscientist Cinnamon Bidwell.

"Our study suggests that CBD products may be able to relieve anxiety in the moment for adults who use them, and possibly longer-term, in a way that is meaningful and doesn't necessarily produce the same risks or harms of THC or prescription medications."

The study concluded by saying that “This study provides novel information on the impacts of legal market cannabis with varying ratios of THC to CBD in individuals with anxiety symptoms. Findings suggest that THC did not increase anxiety and that CBD-dominant forms of cannabis were associated with acute tension reduction that may translate to longer-term reductions in anxiety symptoms.”

This novel study does help provide some real time comparison of different levels of CBD and their effects on tension and anxiety in humans. Far more studies of this nature need to be performed to help support and confirm other studies, particularly those that are only animal-based.
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Beyond that, the study does help confirm that cannabis with high levels of CBD may be extremely beneficial in addressing anxiety in humans. With more than 60% of those individuals with anxiety related disorders not seeking treatment, having a readily available, cost effective, reliable alternative to pharmaceutical options might be just what the doctor ordered!


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