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The “Why” Behind Our Ultra-strength 50 mg CBD Gummy

A Sweet Bit of History The first gelatin-based candy was sold by Fryers of Lancashire, England in 1864, but it was a German company, Haribo in the 1920’s owned by...

A Sweet Bit of History

The first gelatin-based candy was sold by Fryers of Lancashire, England in 1864, but it was a German company, Haribo in the 1920’s owned by Hans Riegel, that popularized the fruit-flavored gelatin candy under the name Gummibar (literally “rubber bear”). Today Haribo is still the biggest seller of gummy candies in the world.

Though invented in the 1920s, it wasn’t until 1998 when two natural-foods advocates in Oregon developed the idea for “gummy” vitamins. Looking for a way to get their children to take vitamins, they came up with the idea to mix fruit crystals and echinacea, an herb credited with helping to boost the immune system, and the “vitamin-style” gummy was born.

Gummies and CBD

As CBD started to become popular, gummies became another delivery method for the popular new cannabinoid. But the first attempts were far from ideal. Virtually all the early versions were actually made with isolate and were gelatin (not Vegan) based.

We knew we needed to “reinvent” CBD gummies if they were ever going to be part of Imbue’s offering. So that’s exactly what we did!

A Whole NEW Approach to the CBD Gummy

With four VERY TASTY distinct flavors and full spectrum so they truly worked, from the very first introduction people loved our gummies. But we knew we couldn’t rest on our laurels. They still needed some improvements. While the first ones were all-natural, they weren’t entirely Vegan.

So we completely reformulated them, making them 100% Vegan and 100% Organic. Rather than using gelatin, we used Organic tapioca syrup, organic cane sugar, filtered water, fruit pectin, natural flavor extracts and natural vegetable extracts for coloring. Our distinctive oil-infused, great tasting Full Spectrum CBD gummies provided a truly tasty, convenient way to get your daily dose. Made with our proprietary 100% organic CBD oil processed from Colorado grown hemp, we’d finally developed a gummy in 10 and 25 mg that lived up to Imbue standards.

Our Ultra-strength 50 mg… A Natural Progression

Once we developed our 50 mg capsule, we knew we had to manufacture a 50 mg gummy too. But easier said than done! We needed to change the size of the gummy in order to accommodate the added CBD oil. And that required new shapes and new molds. We kept 2 of our very popular flavors, mango and raspberry lemonade, tested, retested and finally we nailed it!

Why 50 mg you ask? Because some health issues simply require MORE. When you need the ultimate relief, these gummies tackle the toughest problems when nothing else will. Just like our other gummies, but in a much higher strength, our proprietary-formulated, 100% Vegan and 100% organic 50 mg gummies are all natural, oil-infused and taste GREAT. A gummy that truly lives up to Imbue standards and packed with 50 mgs of pure FULL SPECTRUM CBD.

If you haven’t tried them, you need to. Understandably I’m biased, but these gummies are truly exceptional.

With all our best.



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