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A Horse, of Course…

Original Publish Date - September 8th 2017 “The earth would be nothing without the people, but the man would be nothing without the horse." ~ Author Unknown. I grew up in the city with...

Original Publish Date - September 8th 2017

The earth would be nothing without the people, but the man would be nothing without the horse." ~ Author Unknown.

I grew up in the city with little exposure to larger animals (in fact, my mother was terrified of dogs, so as a child, I didn’t even have a dog. So despite being an extreme animal lover even at a very young age, the closest thing I came to a pet was a pair of dancing mice!) . But every couple years, my parents would drive me and my sister from our home in Michigan to the family farm in Wisconsin where my dad grew up. The farm had been taken over by my dad’s brother, my Uncle Jack, his wife Jane and their six kids. And that’s where I met my first horse…

Her name was Brownie, and she belonged to my cousins Jim and John (if you’re beginning to notice the “J” thing with that side of my family, you’d be correct. All my cousins had names that began with “J”). Brownie was an American Quarter Horse and as I recall, quite a stunning animal. But it wasn’t just her good looks that won me over. Brownie was innately kind and gentle, even with an inexperienced “city kid” like me. I got to ride Brownie and watch her play with the farm German Sheppard with whom she was inseparable.

These experiences helped develop my life-long appreciation and respect of our Equine friends. And while my animal interactions in my adult years have been mostly limited to our canine friends, it has never dampened my enthusiasm for the majestic horse.

SO…when we developed our pet line for Imbue Botanicals, I wanted to make sure we didn’t forget about our horse friends. And now I’m excited to announce, we haven’t!

Introducing equine comfort salve for our “larger” friends

As we all know, treating topical issues in horses can be a challenge. That’s why we put our experience and expertise to work to develop something better…

Imbue Botanicals' exclusive, proprietary equine-comfort horse salve is specifically formulated to provide maximum relief and restoration with 200 mg. per ounce of pure, premium Colorado grown hemp CBD. Long recognized as a natural antibacterial and antifungal, CBD is an excellent addition to our naturally-based horse salve. And we compliment the health effects of CBD with essential oils of rosemary, mint and infused arnica flowers, long renowned for their anti-inflammatory properties. Packaged in rust-resistant 4 or 8 oz. metal tin, our equine comfort Salve is easy to apply and transport.

So if your current experience with horses involves daily care and health maintenance, be sure to have our equine comfort on hand. You’re sure to find it most helpful!


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