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Be "In the Know…”

The wonderful thing about CBD is that it's becoming much more widely known.  Whether on social media, mainstream media or in academic publications, the amount of information, recommendations, research and endorsements are rising exponentially.

Simply searching anything that interests you by entering "CBD and _______" in your search engine yields countless results. Today, it’s easier than ever to be “in the know” about CBD.

Today, it’s easier than ever to be “in the know” about CBD. At Imbue Botanicals we recognize that once you are “in the know”, you’ll choose our products. But we also realize that keeping you as informed as possible makes tremendous sense as well. So contained in this section, you’ll find videos, radio shows, press releases and answers to your questions.

Read. Listen. Watch. We want you to know….

Disclaimer: No information contained in any news article, video, radio segment or other information contained in this section of the website is intended to make any claims about our products, and no inference of such should be taken.