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Communities Partnering with Imbue to Address Opioid Crisis

Original Publish Date - January 26th 2018 We’ve written on this topic before. Now our Arizona Representative describes what’s happening in her State, and how we might be able to help! Hope...

Original Publish Date - January 26th 2018

We’ve written on this topic before. Now our Arizona Representative describes what’s happening in her State, and how we might be able to help!

Hope May be on the Horizon in the Form of Hemp CBD!!

In the wake of the much-publicized national opioid crisis, community health resource organizations and municipalities are reaching out to Imbue Botanicals to help construct and implement a program for effective local response. This model of community-industry partnership will define the grass roots patient-centered program designed to bring about sustainable recovery through access to cost-effective and immediately available solutions.

Frustration with current relief efforts and the escalating numbers of opioid deaths have boiled to the surface. As recently as this week, the Governor of Arizona proposed limiting opioid prescriptions to a 5-day supply in the apparent belief it will mitigate the descent into addiction. Health professionals in marginalized and at-risk community health-care clinics, who are often the only voice of the underserved, are burdened by the specific needs of the low-income neighborhoods they assist and remain skeptical of proposed sweeping national solutions. Cities with a strong dependence on the influx of large industries to maintain economic growth are concerned that the prevalence of opioid addiction in the workforce will dissuade corporate partners from expanding into these areas. Small towns and rural communities fear being overlooked in the context of federally-funded programs aimed at metropolitan populations. Pastors and religious leaders who deal with the opioid epidemic in its aftermath have come forward with one voice to decry the problem in their congregations and ask for meaningful help and constructive resolutions. In a 2018 conversation with municipality leaders, the failure of current programs was acknowledged and the call for help was a resounding request to Imbue as the leader in quality CBD products and programs. As one councilman stated: “We are finally able to articulate the state of the local opioid crisis and, yes, we have a huge problem. What is Imbue going to do about it?”

While governors and health care officials begin to develop and promote ‘solutions’ to the opioid epidemic, Imbue Botanicals is getting out in front of the problem by providing real-time remedies and therapeutic alternatives to facilitate the transition from addiction to recovery.

The benefits of CBD in treating opioid dependency are well documented and further reinforced through patient and family testimonies. Specific examples of how CBD has aided in recovery and, in many cases, provided complete and symptom-free withdrawal from opioids, continue to dominate conversations with community health professionals and patient advocates. They express confidence in Imbue Botanicals for the following reasons:

  • Immediate accessibility through the website or local dispensary
  • Quality and consistency of the products as monitored through strictly enforced internal oversight and controls
  • Depth of product availability, particularly the dosage spectrum in capsules and tinctures

Imbue Botanicals, with its unwavering commitment to leadership in helping to address the opioid crisis, believes in the strength and positive outcomes of working directly with those individuals and entities who are on the front lines and to supporting their efforts with the highest quality therapeutics, educational programs and long-term partnerships.

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