The Real Value of Our QR Code

Or why proof of analytics is critical when buying CBD.

I heard a very disturbing story today from a customer who stopped by our corporate location. She was telling me about an Australian Shepard she had owned that suffered from epilepsy. Apparently, the dog did not do well on the ant-seizure drugs the vet had prescribed and was experiencing severe “quality of life” issues. The customer weaned her dog off its medications and was able to control the seizures with a CBD oil she found in LA. After moving to a neighboring state, she was unable to find the same brand and bought what she thought was a like and similar product at a health food store.

A day after starting her beloved dog on the new CBD, it had a massive seizure and died. The customer, rightly so, believes the replacement product she bought contained little or no CBD. The story was especially difficult to process as I looked at my Doberman Pinscher that was with me today, and thought how I would feel if it had happened to my dog. Stories like this aren’t just heartbreaking, they’re infuriating.

No one buying CBD products should ever have to experience this kind of catastrophe, or for that matter, uncertainty of what the product actually contains. While we’ve posted our analytics online for quite some time now, you may have noticed that most of our products (and eventually all) will have a QR code on them as pictured below. Simply using your cell phone with a QR code reader app, the QR code will take you directly to our analytics information listed by batch so any customer can see the quality of our product before they even purchase it. It’s one more thing that sets Imbue apart from others. 

We made the decision to put the QR code on our packaging long before I heard that tragic story today. And after hearing it, I’m so glad we did.

with all our best,