The Green Wave Washes Over Indiana…

Posted by Tom Bauer on Mar 27th 2018

The Green Wave Washes Over Indiana…

Indiana Legalizes CBD

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Governor Eric Holcomb has signed a bill legalizing the sale and use of cannabidiol (CBD) oil in Indiana.

Under Senate Bill 52, Hoosiers are now able to purchase CBD oil that contains .3% or less of THC, the component of the cannabis plant which causes intoxication. With the low amount of THC, CBD oil users do not experience a “high” feeling that conventional marijuana users typically encounter.

CBD oil has been shown to help with various medical conditions such as cancer, epilepsy and severe pain. The author of SB 52, State Sen. Michael Young (R-Indianapolis), says the bill builds upon a law passed last year, which legalized the use of CBD oil strictly to individuals diagnosed with epilepsy.

The oil will now be available for purchase over-the-counter from retailers across the Hoosier State.

Gov. Holcomb issued the following statement regarding the passing of the bill:

“Indiana lawmakers delivered a bill that ensures Hoosiers who benefit from CBD oil can access it. The bill provides much needed clarity, with labeling requirements and a 0.3% THC limit on CBD products. I’m grateful for the General Assembly’s hard work to bring me a bill to address the needs expressed by our citizens.”

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Despite legal avenues provided for CBD sales through existing Federal and State legislation action, last year, the Attorney General in Indiana decided to crack down on CBD sales which resulted in a huge uproar from citizens and legislators alike. Even the Governor got involved saying “he’d give CBD to his dog”. The result was full and complete legalization.

Perhaps what makes this even more interesting is the huge majority by which the bill passed, in a State that is frankly, quite conservative. As part of the bill, legislators made sure that labeling requirements would be put in place to ensure that the CBD products sold in Indiana would be verifiable, something we at Imbue Botanicals, highly support.

This has been a very public fight the last 6 months as Indiana has grappled with ensuring that CBD would be available to all its citizens. And with the massive amount of surrounding news coverage, more and more Hoosiers have become aware of the benefits of CBD.

All of us at Imbue Botanicals applaud the efforts of the legislators, the Governor and the people of Indiana in recognizing the importance of CBD and ensuring its wide availability. Finally an example of government doing the RIGHT THING!

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