We’re Improving Our Tinctures!

Posted by Tom Bauer on Feb 15th 2018

We’re Improving Our Tinctures!

Now Our CBD Tinctures Are Even Better…

So what do our newly-improved tinctures and a glass of cold, delicious dairy-fresh milk have in common? They’re both homogenized!

Most people know that the milk we buy in our grocery stores is homogenized…you just might not know exactly what that means. In short, homogenization is the process of breaking down the fat molecules in milk so that they stay integrated rather than separating as cream. Homogenization is a purely physical process; nothing is added to the milk.

Accordingly to Encyclopedia Britannica: Cream and other food products, such as peanut butter, may also be homogenized to produce a stable emulsion, i.e., one in which fats or oils will not separate from other elements. A similar process is used in the manufacture of some cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

The process of homogenization was invented by Auguste Gaulin who submitted the original patent in 1899. The first homogenized milk was actually sold in Torrington Connecticut in 1919, and today, virtually all the milk sold in the US is homogenized.

So I know what you’re thinking…”What does this have to do with Imbue Tinctures?” That’s a good question. For those of you who love our tinctures and have made them as popular as you have, you may have noticed that at times, there is some separation of the oil material that occurs, especially in the higher dosage products. The reason this sometimes occurs is that, rather than blending our CBD with questionable oil carriers like other manufacturers, we incorporated our oil into 99.7% purity USP grade Kosher certified Vegetable Glycerin made exclusively from palm fruit. Our vegetable glycerin is made by the process of hydrogenolysis, which removes the fatty acids, leaving pure vegetable glycerin. It’s metabolized in the body like a carbohydrate, it is easily digested, and its sweet taste makes it an excellent substitute for sugar.

Over time, however, some small amounts of the oil may “rise to the top” of the container, much the same as cream rising to the top of un-homogenized milk. And while this doesn’t affect the efficacy of the product as so many of you will attest to, we have been searching for a way to improve this. And we’ve found it through the process of homogenization!

We’ve begun rolling out our new HOMOGENIZED product already, and you may notice a bit of difference in color and a slightly “milkier” appearance. But rest assured, it’s the same as before, just better blended!

And it might actually work better! Research suggests that through homogenization, fat molecules become smaller and become 'capsules' for substances that bypass digestion. Molecules that would normally be digested in the stomach or gut are not broken down, and are absorbed into the bloodstream. That suggests that perhaps more of the good cannabinoids like CBD may actually enter the bloodstream faster than with a tincture that is un-homogenized.

SO now that you know what milk and our tinctures have in common, is to too corny to ask “GOT TINCTURE?”

with all our best,